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FBI warning on Emennet Pasargad

Updated on 2022-10-27: State Department Carrots, FBI Sticks

Last week the FBI warned that an Iranian government-linked cyber company, Emennet Pasargad, may attempt to target US organisations. The State Department also announced a USD$10m reward for information about Emennet Pasargad members.

Emennet Pasargad was previously involved in US election interference and has been conducting hack and leak operations in Israel. More coverage at NBC News. Read more: FBI warns Iranian hackers are active ahead of elections

Overview: FBI warning on Emennet Pasargad

The FBI issued a security alert [PDF] on Thursday warning that an Iranian threat actor named Emennet Pasargad might try to sway the upcoming US midterm elections using hack-and-leak techniques the group has been using during operations targeting Israeli organizations over the past two years. The FBI has been keeping an eye on this group after they also tried to meddle in the US 2020 Presidential Election as well. Read more: Rewards for Justice – Reward Offer for Information on Iranian Cyber Actors’ Interference with 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

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