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Fast Company hacked to send obscene push notification

Updated on 2022-10-05: Fast Company hacked to send obscene push notification

Pour one out for Fast Company, whose website is still down a week after its backend content management system was hacked — and very publicly. Credentials stored in the CMS allowed the cybercriminal to push a racial slur as an Apple News push notification. Apple really wanted you to know it had nothing to do with it and it was Fast Company’s fault. (Cue the sound of a bus reversing.) How did it go down?

Thankfully an article posted by the cybercriminal described exactly how they did it, putting much of the blame on a shared password with wide CMS access. Newsrooms are typically underfunded and cybersecurity often isn’t a priority. But websites and media outlets wield wide readerships and influence, making them an easy target. @josephfcox interviewed the hacker, who had an ominous warning: the breach “had the potential to shift markets. Instead, I chose to embarrass Fast Company.”

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Updated on 2022-09-29: FastCompany hacked

News media outlet FastCompany said that a threat actor hacked its CMS on Tuesday and sent out obscene and racist push notifications to its customers through its Apple News account, which was connected to the CMS backend.


Fast Company was forced to take its website offline after it was hacked to push Apple News notifications and display stories containing racist and obscene comments. Read more: Hacker shares how they allegedly breached Fast Company’s site

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