Fail and Fix of Social Media for Customer Service

17% of people expect to be able to use social media for customer service inquiries. Twitter receives 59.3% of social media-based questions and complaints; Facebook receives 40.7%.

The Fail: Lack of response
50% of questions and complaints on Twitter went unanswered on average across all industries.

The Fix: Look for questions and complaints – remember to search for them with or without the “@” symbol.
Then treat and track the requests just like those in other platforms.

The Best Solution: Use software that re-routes a Twitter message (based on brand name with and without “@”) to a staff nack-up if it goes unanswered within a certain time-frame.

The Fail: Speed of response
Within an hour of posting a product or service complaint on Twitter, 72% of customers expect a response. 42% expect answers to questions within the hour.

The Fix: Create a dedicated customer service handle
Handles have been shown to improve response time by 43%, double (if not more than) the total rate of response, and de-clutter brands’ main pages.

Over a million people view tweets about customer service experiences weekly, roughly 80% of which are critical or negative in nature.

The Fail: Poor response
Only 36% of customers report having their problems effectively solved via social media in a timely manner.

The Fix: Dedicate a part of your customer service team to social media.
Through 99% of brands are on Twitter, only 30% dedicate a part of their customer service team to it.

Did you know: 65% of businesses report that they do not have a dedicated social media team.

The Best Solution: Build a dedicated social media team, then track and monitor the response times and messages.