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New Facebook Rules to Raise Organic Reach

Organic reach on Facebook has dropped. Rather than complain about it, follow these new Facebook rules:

1. Use social campaigns – Photo contests, promotions, newsletter signups, etc to collect useful data e.g., email addresses, not just likes.

2. Remember that an email address is more valuable than a Facebook Like.

3. Don’t Like-Bait (Facebook’ algorithm doesn’t like it).

4. Know that a very small percentage of your fans visit your Page/apps organically – promotion is essential.

5. When a person shares your content, Facebook considers it as coming from a person, not a brand.

6. Experiment with targeting posts – by gender, relationship status, age, location, etc.

7. Experiment with hybrid content marketing, i.e., promoting targeted posts to targeted audiences.

8. Fill out your page by adding important company milestones.

9. Make sure social campaigns are mobile ready.

10. Change your cover photo frequently.

11. Always respond to comments.

12. Interact with fans appropriately to increase organic reach.

13. Ask and answer questions.

14. Check Page Insights to see when is the best time to post for your audience.

15. Schedule posts to go up during the weekends and nights.

16. Assign Admin roles and establish company standards.

17. Be Entertaining and helpful, not sales-y.

18. Look for ways to stand out in the crowd.

19. Be personal.

20. Share stories.

21. Make sure the details in your about section are up to date.

22. Have fun.

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