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Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2014 released infographics featuring Facebook marketing strategies for 2014.

1. Attract targeted fans
2. Friends of fans expand reach
3. Engage w/fan – WOW them!
4. Speak your fans’ language
5. Ask fans to share your post
6. Promote posts for best reach
7. Mine Insights for Fan data

8. Insights tell you what works
9. Which post has best Reach?
10. Repeat/adapt #9 type-posts
11. Photos = engagement
12. Make it easy to engage
13. Fill-in-blank posts
14. Mix fun and informative posts
15. Post when fans are active

16. 851×315 Timeline dimension
17. 180×180 Profile photo size
18. Add call-to-action to cover
19. Announce promotions here
20. Pinned posts = visibility
21. Highlight posts = full width
22. Use engaging apps
23. Capture contact info w/app
24. 3 sec to tell people essentials

25. Rank top posts by Reach/Shares
26. Note time of posts w/greatest Reach
27. Identify where Page likes came from
28. Who are “Talking About This” fans?
29. Where are #28 located geographically?
30. Sched posts for best reach to #28
31. Identify Top Pages/Tabs Viewed
32. Put lead gen on most viewed tabs

33. Award a prize to fans who Share
34. Integrate contest from your website
35. Host a joint contest w/ colleagues
36. Crowdsource new product ideas
37. Ask fans to vote for their favorite
38. Photo contests generate most activity
39. Make entering contest simple
40. Use contest apps like TabSite and Shortstack

41. Get a large focused fan base
42. Display CTA on cover
43. Offer freebie as lead gen
44. Capture email for freebie
45. Integrate email marketing
46. Use targeted ads wisely
47. Review Insights monthly
48. Lead-to-sale takes time

49. Reward fans who tag your biz
50. Link to an article, video
51. Include call-to-action
52. Fan contest for sharing
53. Post compelling photo
54. Add a Like box to website
55. Keep text short, to the point
56. Add Like button to website

57. Keep ads simple
58. Power Editor is best for agencies
59. Boost Post is simple and budget-friendly
60. Target your ad to interests and likes
61. Local? Target geographically
62. News Feed ads offer best CTR
63. Choose ad type based on goals
64. Target Friends of Fans

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