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Use Facebook Graph Search as Social Recruiting Tool

Recruiting is all about people – With the new Facebook Group Search – aka “people search” – finding talented people, and experienced people just got much more insightful, interesting and targeted.

Find talented people
– Facebook Graph Search rolled out on January 15 and cussrently in beta.
– >1,000,000,000 monthly active users as of December 2012
– Focus: Accessing data from people, photos, places and interest.
Tips: Get started recruiting with Facebook Group Search

Optimize profiles
– 47% unlike a company’s page due to the frequency of posts.
– 80% social media users content through Facebook.
Tips: Optimize your profile by posting positive content that reflects your company’s culture.

Recruit AND get candidate recommendations
New hires generated from social media
– 47% from Facebook
– 41% from LinkedIn
– 16% from Twitter
Tips: Ask candidates for recommendations, not just if the job is right for them.

Offer referral rewards
– Employers experience 10 to 30 times more referrer engagement from non-employees when a reward is offered.
Tips: When asking non-employees for a referral always offer a reward in return.

Diversity recruiting
– 85% of large global enterprise agree or strongly agree that diversity is crucial to fostering innovation in the workplace.

Brands known for hiring a diverse workforce:
– Johnson & Johnson
– AT&T
– Kraft Foods
– Procter & Gamble
– American Express

Tips: Make a list of relevant keywords for your diversity targets to find the right match.

Go beyond your network
– 92% of users are connected by only 4 degrees.
Tips: Search outside your network by selecting “not my friends” under “refine this search”.

Recruit remotely
Top countries on Facebook:
– U.S.
– France
– Germany
– India
– U.K.
– Mexico
– Philippines
– Turkey
– Brazil
– Indonesia
Tips: Filter searches to find people with experience related to your country.

Join new group
– More than 380 million people use Facebook Groups.
Tips: Join groups and use them as a way to reach candidates.

Stay active
– 52% job seekers use Facebook to help find work.
– 1 in 5 had a contact share a job on Facebook.
– 14% search specifically for jobs on Facebook, this percentage will rise as job seekers can more easily be found with Facebook Group Search.
Tips: Make friends, experiment and create and share content.

Take advantage of the recruiting benefits of Facebook Graph Search today!

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