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FabriXss (CVE-2022-35829) Azure Service Fabric Explorer Spoofing Vulnerability

Updated on 2022-10-20: Azure Service Fabric Explorer Spoofing Vulnerability

A spoofing vulnerability affecting Azure Fabric Explorer versions 8.1.316 and earlier could be exploited to gain full admin privileges. The flaw was detected by researchers from Orca Security and was addressed earlier this month as part of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday release.


  • You applied the October 2022 security update already, right? Service Fabric, a platform for delivering applications, both yours and some familiar Microsoft products such as Intune, Dynamics 365, Skype for Business, Cortana, MS Power BI, etc. Service Fabric Explorer is used by Azure admins to manage and inspect nodes and cloud applications in Service Fabric. Verify you’re running the latest version of the Service Fabric Explorer (SFXv2) – the Microsoft update-guide link below has instructions. Next, review your permissions, make sure that you know who has the rights to do things such as create new applications and reset cluster nodes. Note that future updates to the Service Fabric will remove the v1 SFX as well as the ability to revert to it.


Overview: FabriXss

Orca Security published a report on CVE-2022-35829, an XSS vulnerability in Microsoft Azure Service Fabric that can allow an attacker to gain full Administrator permissions on the Service Fabric cluster. Read more: FabriXss (CVE-2022-35829): How We Managed to Abuse a Custom Role User Using CSTI and Stored XSS in Azure Fabric Explorer

“Specifically, the attacker can use a single permission to create a new malicious application and abuse the Administrator permissions to perform various calls and actions. This includes performing a Cluster Node reset, which erases all customized settings such as passwords and security configurations, allowing an attacker to create new passwords and gain full Administrator permissions.”

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