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Extreme Elements: Building Blocks of Autonomous Enterprise to Deliver New Human Experiences

The Bowen Center, one of the largest behavioral health facilities in America, recently increased its IT customer satisfaction score from the low 70s to close to 100%. How? By customizing their network infrastructure with Extreme Elements. And with their new, tailor-made network, they increased the reach of their telehealth services to clientele––nationwide.

Extreme Elements

Extreme Elements

Extreme believes delivering leading-edge experiences is based on connecting humans through technology. These connections require more than just newer hardware – they require an intelligent network. And unlike other vendors, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions because we know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for the human experience.

Read on this article to find out what this could mean for your organization. It’s time to reimagine your business, alive with Extreme Elements.

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Introducing Extreme Elements
Extreme Elements Components
Deliver New Human Experiences

Delivering better outcomes and next-generation experiences rely on connecting humans to technology. These connections require more than just newer hardware – they require an intelligent network. A network that is more agile and aware and that can anticipate and respond to customers’ needs pro-actively. A network that can serve as the nervous system of the autonomous enterprise – capable of delivering next-generation human experiences.

We’ve launched Extreme Elements so you can create new human experiences and business outcomes. Whether you are a school looking to enhance Digital Citizenship and Student Safety, a retail store wishing to enhance the in-store shopping experience or a hospital focused on delivering enhanced patient care and experience, Extreme Elements can help you build your future.

Introducing Extreme Elements

Extreme Elements provides the building blocks enterprises need to build the right architecture to fulfill the specialized demands of their business. Unlike other vendors, Extreme does not offer one-size-fits-all solutions because we recognize every business and human experience is different.

Extreme Elements provides enterprises the flexibility to pick and choose the elements they need to yield positives outcome for their business. It provides a self-sustaining foundation – the autonomous network – with elements that adapt and work together in harmony.

Extreme Elements Components

The central element is the Human element. Every product, application and service Extreme designs and brings to market delivers a superior human experience. We are relentless in our commitment to delivering customer-driven networks that help businesses accelerate their digital transformation and deliver better outcomes to their users.

  • Software-Driven Infrastructure: An infrastructure that continuously learns, and self optimizes, adjusting resources in real-time depending on the needs of your users and customers. Extreme software-driven Infrastructure extends from the edge to the campus core, to the cloud, and the datacenter. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of next-generation switches, routers, and mobility products, businesses can pick and choose the elements they need.
  • Insights and Analytics: Comprehensive insights and analytics so businesses can track user, application, and IoT device usage in real-time; identify anomalous behavior, and automatically resolve issues without human intervention. For example, ExtremeAnalytics is a network-based business intelligence solution that captures and analyzes context-based application traffic to deliver meaningful intelligence about applications, users, locations and devices.
  • Closed-Loop Automation: Delivering cross-domain and closed-loop automation so businesses can optimize network performance from the end device to the application. By automating manual changes and updates, enterprises can optimize network performance, enable greater business agility, and accelerate the rollout of new services. For example, Extreme fabric automation solutions enable fast setup for the most demanding network architectures, and the cross-domain Extreme Workflow Composer automation solution extends the benefits beyond the network domain to security, storage, compute and operations.
  • Open Ecosystem: An open and standards-based ecosystem that allows businesses to build exactly the architecture and applications they require to fulfill the specialized demands of their enterprise. Extreme has partnerships with leading cloud, stack, application and device technology innovators to develop unique solutions that solve real-world problems. In Extreme Elements partner elements are denoted with a “P”; Extreme products and services with an “E’.
  • Security: Delivering multi-layered network security capabilities without complexity. Extreme security elements can help protect your organization by gaining visibility and control over your connected users, devices, and applications, segmenting your network with ease and scale and creating a holistic security eco-system through integration with best of breed security vendors.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML): These technologies are infused throughout the entire network, helping enterprises make smarter, faster decisions that deliver better outcomes and experiences. For example, ExtremeAI RF is Extreme’s AI-powered solution for Wi-Fi RF management and ExtremeAI Security is our AI-powered solution for IoT device security and automated threat remediation. Both solutions provide IT with proactive resolutions rather than the traditional reactive mode; freeing up time for IT to focus on value-add initiatives.
  • Services: Offering a diverse range of services all built to maximize the effectiveness of your network to fuel business growth, and create a long-lasting partnership.
  • Support: Rated Number One in the industry in a Gartner peer review, Extreme’s talented and highly-trained support professionals are a 100% in-sourced team of experts in products, solutions, and applications.

Deliver New Human Experiences

Extreme Elements can be put together to create new human experiences and business outcomes. Whether you are a school looking to enhance digital citizenship and student safety, a retail store wishing to enhance the in-store shopping experience or a hospital focused on delivering enhanced patient care and experience, Extreme Elements can help you build your future.

Vertical: Healthcare

Use Case: Enhanced Patient Care and Experience
Description: Drive better patient outcomes and experience, while maintaining safety and compliance.
What’s Important: High video/audio/data communication bandwidth for telehealth; network security for IoT and robotics-based healthcare delivery; high localized bandwidth for AR/MR headsets. Mobile connectivity of patients and guests to the Internet, patient entertainment systems, the privacy of clinical data, tracking of the patient and guest flow-through the facility, simplified network management. Regulatory compliance.

Extreme Elements for Healthcare

Extreme Elements for Healthcare

Vertical: K-12

Use Case: Digital Citizenship and Student Safety
Description: Deliver tightly managed network and Internet access (digital citizenship) and controlled physical security (physical safety).
What’s Important: Integration of network access control with Active Directory and web filter. Being able to control network access and Internet application access based on student identity, location, time of day, and device. Facial recognition helps control access to campus for student safety.

Extreme Elements for K-12

Extreme Elements for K-12

Vertical: Higher Ed

Use Case: High-Performance Computing
Description: Supercomputing and high-performance workstations, databases, and interconnects for solving the world’s most compute-intensive challenges.
What’s Important: Highest possible bandwidth, lowest-achievable latency, and high-performance interconnects to local and remote users.

Extreme Elements for Higher Ed

Extreme Elements for Higher Ed

Vertical: Retail

Use Case: Enhanced In-Store Shopping Experience
Description: Deliver an augmented, personalized, and mobile-centric in-store shopping experience, which aligns with the digital expectations of today’s guests and improves the connection between brand and customer.
What’s Important: Seamless guest onboarding and access to the in-store network; Strong, secure, always-on Wi-Fi; Understanding of customer analytics, preferences, and behaviors; Engage with onsite customers in a targeted, contextual way; support and enable digital campaigns and platforms.

Extreme Elements for Retail

Extreme Elements for Retail

Source: Extreme Networks

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