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Example of Real World Blockchain Use Cases

Banking, Financial Services and Fintech

  • Ripple is an enterprise level blockchain solution that empowers both users and banks. The blockchain ledger that Ripple uses has been latched onto by a group of Japanese banks, who will be using it for quick mobile payments.
  • Barclays bank will improve the whole banking experience for customers and other entities.
  • Abra is a mobile cryptocurrency app that lets users store, invest and buy cryptocurrency.
  • Both IBM and AIG has completed a pilot program where they can build a multi-national policy using smart contract.
  • A smart contract based blockchain is being used by Insurer American International Group Inc. (AIG) as a means of saving costs and increasing transparency.
  • Digital Currency Group are helping Amazon Web Services examine ways in which the distributed ledger technology can help improve database security.
  • Streamline payments processing with high efficiency, fast and secure transactions.
  • Empower global transactions, tearing down national currency borders.
  • Minimize auditing complexity for any financial ledger.
  • Credit History: Make credit reports more accurate, transparent, and accessible.


  • GuardTime helps enterprise to share information more secure on blockchain thanks to their verifiable security proof in KSI technology.
  • Remme is a security project that aims to remove human involvement and protect critical data from cyber attacks by eliminating the need for the password.
  • PeerNova provide financial institutes a way to verify and secure their data.
  • Blockverify is a “Blockchain Based Anti-Counterfeit Solution”, its function is to identify counterfeits and offers a non-duplicate environment.
  • Fight hacking with immutability of ledger.
  • Guarantee validity with data integrity.
  • No Single Point of Failure (decrease in IP-based DDoS attack success).

Real Estate

  • Propy is a blockchain platform where anyone can buy and sell properties and enjoy the benefits of transparency and security of blockchain. Blockchain is now being used to complete real estate deals, the first of which was conducted in Kiev by Propy.
  • Ubitquity is one of the first real estate platforms that provide Software-as-a-Service to organizations and help them security store and track properties.
  • Public Registry is a blockchain application by which citizens can register their property and store it as a digital asset.
  • Land registry titles are now being stored on the blockchain in Georgia in a project developed by the National Agency of Public Registry.
  • Transparency within agreements.
  • Verify property information, update and decentralize records.
  • Reduce paperwork, digitize transactional processes.
  • Record, track, transfer land titles.


  • Decent is an advanced blockchain application which lets anyone build blockchain decentralized apps by providing tools.
  • Uport is building an open identity system with blockchain where individuals can take complete ownership of their identity. Voter registration is being facilitated via a blockchain project in Switzerland spearheaded by Uport.
  • Brave is a modern browser that offers secure, fast and private browser. It does it with the help of blockchain technology.
  • Arcade City is a blockchain guilds based system where drivers can make local associations and server a local community.


  • GovCoin is about improving how citizens can rent, buy or sell services through a unified platform.
  • Democracy Earth aims to build a sovereign democratic government protocol which is open source and relies on the idea of peer to peer networks.
  • Follow My Vote is a peer-to-peer voting platform that utilizes blockchain and provides transparency to the whole election process.
  • Samsung SDS is improving government services so that they can provide public safety, welfare and transportation.
  • In China, a tax-based initiative is using blockchain to store tax records and electronic invoices led by Miaocai Network.
  • Essentia has devised a border control system that would use blockchain to store passenger data in the Netherlands.
  • Essential is developing a blockchain project for border control that will allow customs agents to record passenger data from any array of inputs and safely store it.
  • Reduce voter fraud, inefficiencies with verifiable audit trails.
  • Minimize government fraud, digitize most processes.
  • Increase accountability and compliance for government officials.
  • Identity validation; integrity of citizen registry data.


  • Binded is a copyright platform where photographers can protect their images without paying any fees.
  • is a blockchain use case that solves the problem of publishers, consumes and content creators.
  • Stampery is a blockchain data certificate platform that leverages blockchain technology and ensures integrity, existence and attribution.
  • Verisart is an authorship and ownership blockchain application that lets users bind their work into digital provenance records.
  • Decentralized journalism, as enabled by blockchain technology, has the potential to prevent censorship and increase transparency as Civil has shown.
  • By storing certificates of authenticity on the blockchain, it’s possible to dramatically reduce art forgeries, as one blockchain project is proving.

Data Management

  • is a data management framework built on top of the blockchain and provides a modular, decentralized and interoperability. Essentia develops world’s first blockchain solution to manage international logistics hub together with Traffic Labs and the Finnish Government.
  • Factom is a blockchain technology that aims to build data projects for most critical government, commercial and non-project systems.


  • Azure provides their Azure blockchain workbench which enables any business or company to build their blockchain application.
  • Hyperledger is an open-source and highly secure that can be utilized by enterprises to build and develop blockchain apps.
  • Ethereum’s blockchain can be accessed as a cloud-based service courtesy of Microsoft Azure.
  • Google is building its own blockchain which will be integrated into its cloud-based services, enabling businesses to store data on it and to request their own white label version developed by Alphabet Inc.

Healthcare / Medical

  • MedRec is a blockchain platform where patients data can be stored and accessed across different organizations, individuals and healthcare specialists. A number of healthcare systems that store data on the blockchain have been pioneered including MedRec.
  • Gem is a blockchain operating system that links data related to an asset or a person together by creating global identifiers.
  • SimplyVital Health is a health data management solution and also uses machine learning and algorithms forecasts for the best possible solution.
  • IBM and Walmart have partnered in China to create a blockchain project that will monitor food safety.
  • Drug Supply Chain Integrity.
  • Patient Databases/Indexes on blockchain.
  • Claims Adjudication.
  • Medical Supply Chain Management.
  • Transparency and Automation within the patient-to-hospital or patient-to-doctor transactions.
  • Clinical trial provenance — integrity with an auditable trail of data exchange.
  • Efficiency, privacy, and ownership of patient health data.


  • De Beers is a world’s biggest diamond producer which uses blockchain to track and verify diamonds on the supply chain. The De Beer Group is using blockchain to track the importation and sale of diamonds.
  • Provenance is a blockchain platform that powers supply chain and enables businesses to build trust. It also helps shoppers to choose products.
  • SKUChain wants to change how the enterprise supply chain works by empowering every participants and creating a global value chain.
  • LO3 Energy let’s users to control energy consumption and manufacturing.


  • OpenBazaar is a free online marketplace that offers zero restrictions to their users without no platform fees.
  • Loyyal is a universal reward and loyalty platform that uses modern technologies such as smart contracts.

Social Networks

  • Yours is a social network where the members can post content and get paid in Bitcoin Cash.
  • Akasha is a decentralized social media network that protects user’s freedom of expression by providing privacy.


  • NYIAX is blockchain powered marketplace that lets advertising trade advertising contracts through the use of its patented Financial Matching Engine. New York Interactive Advertising Exchange has been experimenting with blockchain as a means of providing an ads marketplace for publishers.
  • Paperchain offers a decentralized marketplace where any media company can monetize their content.
  • Civil is a blockchain-powered marketplace where journalism can sustain and flourish in the right direction.
  • KodakOne is an image right management platform that runs on top of the blockchain and uses KODAKCoin cryptocurrency to fuel it.
  • Ujomusic is a blockchain platform for music creators so that they can have complete rights on music that they produce.
  • Arbit is a blockchain-based project led by former Guns N Roses drummer Matt Sorum seeking a fairer way to reward musicians for their creative efforts.
  • Control of ownership rights.
  • Anti-piracy / copyright infringement.
  • Use of smart contracts for artist compensation/legal proceedings.
  • Payments processing — cryptographic, secure, and anti-3rd party (this opens up content availability internationally).


  • Track truthful, full history of vehicle from pre-production to sale.
  • Supply chain parts management.


  • Tracking donation allocation, accountability, integrity.
  • Reduce overhead and complexity of donation payment processing.

Cloud Storage

  • Increased security with a shift from centralized data security to decentralized network.
  • Lower transaction costs within a decentralized network.
  • Crowdsourcing unused cloud storage.

Commercial Vehicles and Transportation

  • Tracking journey stops; paired with IoT to create an immutable ledger of trip data.
  • Russian rail operator Novotrans is storing inventory data on a blockchain pertaining to repair requests and rolling stock.
  • Streamline public transportation.
  • Provide more accurate payment for ride, gas, and wear and tear.


  • Provide auditable trail for donations to prevent fraud.
  • Ensure crowdfunded campaigns receive donations and contributors are compensated.


  • Digitizing, verifying academic credentials.
  • Federated repository of academic information specific to class, professor, and student.


  • Essentia is developing a test project that will help energy suppliers track the distribution of their resources in real time, whilst maintaining data confidentiality.
  • Bypass public grids to allow for cheaper, peer to peer energy transfer.
  • Smart utility metering.
  • Food importation is another industry where blockchain is providing its worth, with Louis Dreyfus Co, trialing a soybean importation operation using this technology.
  • Chile’s National Energy Commission has started using blockchain technology as a way of certifying data pertaining to the country’s energy usage as it seeks to update its electrical infrastructure.


  • Combined with machine learning algorithms, blockchain can provide a decentralized forecasting tool.

Gun Safety

  • Tracking gun ownership and possession related information.
  • Tracking criminal ID history and attempts to purchase.

Human Resources

  • Background checks: Verification of identity, employment history.
  • Payment and benefits process validation — smart contracts.


  • Improve multi-party contracts.
  • Streamline risk contract efficiency.
  • Streamline claims adjudication.
  • Reduce disputes with transparency of shared data.


  • Ability for IoT applications to contribute transactional data to blockchains.
  • Implications across industries (trucking/transportation, supply chain integrity, etc.).

Law enforcement / Legal

  • Integrity of evidence, resistance to falsification of case data.
  • Documentation of time-stamped, chronological chain of facts.
  • Smart contracts with defined rules, expiration, and accessibility for relevant parties.


  • Bypass intermediaries, providing more cost-effective advertising.


  • Passenger Identification, boarding, passport, payment, and other documentation digitized and verified.
  • Loyalty programs digitization and tracking.

Wills and Inheritances

  • Smart contracts to determine validity of will and allocation of inheritances.

Endangered Species Protection

The protection of endangered species is being facilitated via a blockchain project that records the activities of these rare animals.

Carbon Offsets

IBM is using the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain in China to monitor carbon offset trading.


Shipping is a natural fit for blockchain and Maersk have been trialling a blockchain-based project within the maritime logistics industry.

Waste Management

Waltonchain is using technology to store waste management data on the blockchain in China.


In a bid to boost its tourism economy, Hawaii is examining ways in which blockchain-based cryptocurrencies can be adopted throughout the US state.


Blockchain technology has been used to provide a transparent record of where fish was caught, as a means of ensuring it was legally landed.

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