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Back Of The Envelope Calculation to Measure Social Media

Measuring social media activity helps to understand its impact on marketing goals. If you measure your social media success by how it amplifies your company’s story, engages people with great your content and converts interest in your company then you will benefits from these back-of-the-envelope calculations.

1. Are your customers engaged with your content?
– People are talking number / Facebook followers = % of followers who are engaging with your content

2. What type of content should you be posting
– Total Facebook posts of one type (e.g., video) / Total engaging (e.g., views, shares) = Engagements Per Post

3. How many people are seeing your content?
– People who have seen your posts / your Facebook followers = % of followers who have seen your post

4. Are people converting their interest in your brand?
– Qwitters (from / Twitter followers = % of Twitter followers who have unsubscribed

5. Do people value your content enough to share it?
– Total Tweets / total Retweets – Retweets per Tweet

6. Does your content drive desired action?
– Total tweets / total Tweets clicked – Clicks per Tweet

7. Do you have the best follow to follower ratio?
– Total Twitter followers / total people you are following = Twitter following ratio

8. Are your customers committed to you?
– Total Twitter followers not following you back / total followers = % Twitter followers not following you back

9. Are people sharing your content?
– Go to search Enter “[email protected]_handle” = Total number of timers your content was Retweeted.

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