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ENCO enCaption Automated Captioning and Transcription Solution for Live or Recorded Video

ENCO’s enCaption automated captioning system enables content producers and AV professionals to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively add open or closed captions to both live and pre-recorded content. A new software upgrade further enhances enCaption’s outstanding speech-to-text accuracy and speed while adding powerful new functionality for users and systems integrators.

ENCO enCaption Automated Captioning and Transcription Solution for Live or Recorded Video

New integration with the Zoom conferencing software enables real-time captioning of Zoom meetings. Expanded API functionality allows integrators and third-party developers to load predefined source profiles as well as create and manage word models on the fly all under control of their own management applications. New usage reporting allows users to track how much time they have used for both real-time and offline captioning. Additional updates include improved detection of changes between multiple speakers within a single mixed feed, plus further enhancements to enCaption’s advanced punctuation capabilities to bolster the accuracy and readability of transcriptions.

About ENCO

ENCO is the premier global provider of radio and television software solutions, including automation, playout, captioning, visual radio, audio compliance, instant media playout, remote contribution, and cloud-based web streaming. ENCO delivers world class broadcast solutions to thousands of television and radio broadcasters on six continents. Our solutions range from large multinational radio and television broadcast applications to the needs of the small market or community radio or television station. We bring our customers flexible solutions that improve workflows and increase efficiency, while delivering exceptional value, performance and reliability. Learn why thousands of broadcasters rely on ENCO solutions every day.

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