Emerging Technology Industry News Headlines Update on December 10, 2020

Aptera Motors started taking orders for a three-wheeled solar car today and have the keys in your hand by next year. The curved, streamlined body gives the car a drag coefficient of 0.13, equipped with 100-kilowatt-hour battery pack, solar roof array called Never Charge. Read more at Car and Driver > Aptera Taking Orders for EV That It Claims Never Needs Charging

Waymo is building a fake city in rural Ohio that will be devoted to fine-tuning its self-driving cars’ urban driving skills. Waymo’s testing site is being built at the Transportation Research Center, include terrains like hills as well as high-speed and dense urban intersections to test all sorts of vehicles from safety, fuel economy and emissions to noise, crash simulation, and performance.

As AI-based self-adapting pricing algorithms increasingly used to quickly adjust the value of products and commodities in a dynamic market, anti-trust laws in Western society looks unfit for purpose to prevent companies from creating monopolies or colluding. Read more at Protecting consumers from collusive prices due to AI