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Emerging Technology Industry News Headlines Update on November 30, 2020

Radical changes to how we generate and consume energy are required to overcome challenges brought by climate change.

  • The European Space Agency is now looking to fund space-based solar power projects.
  • The University of Liverpool is exploring new manufacturing techniques for printing ultralight solar cells on to solar sails to create large, fuel-free solar power stations in space.
  • Scientists also considering using resources from space to manufacture solar power station, such as materials found on the moon.
  • Researchers led by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency have already developed designs and demonstrated an orbiter system which should be able to convert electricity from the solar cells into energy waves and use electromagnetic fields to transfer them down to an antenna on the Earth’s surface. The antenna on the earth would then convert the waves back into electricity.
  • Researchers in China have designed a space solar power station (SSPS) called OMEGA aims to have operational by 2050 for supplying two gigawatts of power into Earth’s grid at peak performance.
New ideas to increase the feasibility of space-based solar power and support the development of clean energy.

New ideas to increase the feasibility of space-based solar power and support the development of clean energy.

David Nussbaum, the founder of PORTL, demonstrates Epic HoloPortl, Human-Size Hologram Booth with PORTL’s HoloPortation Technology. The real person just needs to have a camera and standing against a white background. The Epic HoloPortl has high-resolution transparent LCD screens embedded into interior walls shows the sender the room and people he or she is being beamed to.

1st l👀k at PORTL’s brand new museum quality, human sized, patent pending, 4k resolution, completely self contained, hologram projection machine.

— PORTL Hologram Company (@PORTLhologram) February 23, 2020

Researchers in British Columbia are using deep learning and facial recognition high-tech approach to help automate time-intensive research processes amid climate change and shifting wildlife behaviours as part of the BearID Project. The BearID Project is focused on monitoring brown bear populations to understand their behavioural changes related to diminished food resources, climate changes, coexistence with humans in the area, and more. Read more at Object Detection with Azure Custom Vision

The BearID Project using deep learning and facial recognition to monitor brown bear populations.

The BearID Project using deep learning and facial recognition to monitor brown bear populations.

The final report from MIT’s Task Force on the Work of the Future has found that we’re actually facing a gradual technological evolution, and bad policy is a bigger threat to workers than automation. About 63% of jobs performed in 2018 did not exist in 1940, the report is suggesting that technology is creating as many jobs as it replaces and the overall percentage of adults in paid employment has risen for over a century.

More Than 60% of Jobs Done in 2018 Had Not Yet Been “Invented” in 1940

More Than 60% of Jobs Done in 2018 Had Not Yet Been “Invented” in 1940. Notes: Comparing the Distribution of Employment in 1940 and 1918 Across Major Occupations; Distinguishing Job Categories Added Between 1940 and 2018 from Job Categories Present in 1940. Source: Autor, Salomons, and Seegmiller, 2020.

The Cerebras Wafer-Scale Engine (WSE) is 8.5 inches to a side and houses 1.2 trillion transistors. In a recent trial presented at the supercomputing conference SC20, researchers pitted the chip CS-1 against a supercomputer in a fluid dynamics simulation. CS-1 completed a simulation of combustion in a power plant roughly 200 times faster than it took the Joule 2.0 supercomputer to do a similar task. Read more: Beyond AI for Wafer Scale Compute: Setting Records in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Universal Electronics launch redesigned Apple TV Remote Control for MVPDs certified under Apple’s MFi program, supports both Bluetooth control and Siri, with a proper directional pad and dedicated buttons for pause, fast forward, rewind, TV provider’s channel guide, flipping between channels, and a dedicated mute key, includes backlighting and uses an ambient light sensor to illuminate the buttons. Universal Electronics plans to sell branded versions of the Apple TV Remote Control to cable companies instead of consumers. Read more at Universal Electronics Inc. to Launch Apple TV Remote Control for MVPDs

FireEye has bought Respond Software for $186 million and announced $400 million investment by Blackstone, ClearSky to drive strategic growth efforts including the Respond acquisition and accelerate the growth of its cloud, platform, and managed defence service portfolio.

The Respond Analyst offering is a proprietary intelligent extended detection and response (XDR) engine that automates the correlation of multi-sourced evidence of an attack using cloud-based data science models, make better and faster decisions without having to rely on security engineering or professional services. FireEye will fold Respond Analyst into Mandiant Advantage platform to offer vendor-agnostic XDR and investigation capabilities that can integrate into any organization’s environment. Read more:

Pax8 announced new offering this week, Pax8 Pro, designed to automates client Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) management tasks within the cloud service management lifecycle, enabling MSPs and other channel partners to take care of clients’ entire ecosystem from the Pax8 Platform, from user creation to licensing assignment to user contacts in professional services automation (PSA) tools, and assigns sites and locations to contacts. Pax8 Pro also automatically creates business proposals, reports on prospects, and runs security and licensing scans. Read more: PAX8 UNVEILS THE FUTURE OF CLOUD MANAGEMENT IN PAX8 PRO

Tenable reworks on vendor’s assurance program aiming to help managed security service providers (MSSPs) and resellers address the changing needs of clients that have to adapt to the rapid shift to remote work during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, includes new certifications, revamped partner portal, more service choices, and adjusted partner requirements. The updates to the partner program will take effect Jan. 15 of 2021. Read more: Tenable Assure Partner Program Expands with Transformed Tools, Training and Certifications

Tenable Assure Partner Program

Tenable Assure Partner Program

DLT is partnering with IBM to make the software offerings available through Cloud Navigator partner program offering U.S. public sector clients IBM’s hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), security, and other software solutions including IBM’s Cloud Paks containerized solutions.

SolarWinds released a new MSP Automation Cookbook with more than 380 custom scripts designed specifically for the SolarWinds portfolio of products, to help MSP partners to improve service delivery, increase their value as a trusted business advisor, reduce technician redundancies and costs associated with managing and protecting their customers.

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