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Effective Security to Prepare for Multicloud Era

Organizations seeking speed, scalability, and reduced costs are moving applications and data out of their on-premises environments and into private and public clouds. Say goodbye to Shadow IT, compromised accounts, and misconfigured settings. And say hello to better cloud security, now. You can secure SaaS apps in the cloud, public and hybrid clouds hosting infrastructure, employees, and branches accessing the cloud and internet from anywhere, easily and effectively with Cisco.

Effective Security to Prepare for Multicloud Era

  • 300,000 OAuth-connected SaaS apps discovered.
  • 84% of companies will use multiple clouds
  • 70% of branches have direct, anytime cloud access

Security must be elevated to meet the threats unique to SaaS applications and the public cloud.

  • Compromised Accounts: If account credentials are compromised, bad actors can access public cloud data or SaaS apps used to run business – with the risk they take down entire cloud infrastructures.
  • Lack of Visibility: Companies don’t have visibility into cloud apps being used (Shadow IT) or visibility into public cloud activity. If we don’t know what people are doing, how can we protect the cloud?
  • Misconfigured Settings: Misconfigurations of cloud settings can be serious. If misconfigured, anyone – attackers included – can steal public cloud data or download sensitive documents.

SaaS Apps Security

Cisco Cloudlock: Protects sanctioned apps and managers Shadow IT by discovering the full extent of SaaS apps being used, providing risk profiles, enforcing data security policies, detecting suspicious behavior and enabling healthy cloud adoption.

Cisco Email Security: Protects the most popular SaaS app – cloud-hosted email. Cisco email security protects organizations from email threats and phishing attacks in Office 365 and GSuite.

Public Cloud Infrastructure Security

Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud: Delivers security visibility for the public cloud to detect abnormal behavior and threat activity to quickly respond before a security incident becomes a devastating breach.

Secure Access to the Cloud

Cisco Umbrella: Protects users anywhere and anytime they access the internet. It leverages deep threat intelligence to keep employees safe from malicious online destinations and blocks suspicious callback activities.

Cloud Security Assessment Service: Helps organizations design cloud adoption strategies and architectures, and highlights current data security and user behavior issues to facilitate healthy cloud adoption.

Source: Cisco Cloud Security Team: Effective Security for the Multicloud Era

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