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EAW’s NTX210L Active 2-Way Line Array Loudspeaker

The NTX210L is a 2×10” articulated array with an integrated 1600W 2-channel amplifier and a universal PFC power supply. The NTX210L operates in the 55hz–18khz range with a max SPL of 140db and has a 90° horizontal and 12° vertical nominal beamwidth.

EAW’s NTX210L Active 2-Way Line Array Loudspeaker

It features OptiLogic, providing automatic array self-detection and instant optimization including air loss compensation. It has Dante loop though and its analog input can be set to automatically enable if the Dante signal is lost. EAW Resolution 2 software can predict, optimize and control the entire system. EAW’s new NTX Series delivers a high-performance solution while cutting down long setup times. It couples unique and intelligent features with EAW’s signature acoustical design for system integrators, rental firms, and production companies. With the proven sonic performance of EAW’s acoustic design and DSP plus full Dante integration, the NTX210L delivers an intelligent and flexible system to fit any budget.

Read more at NTX210L Product Spec.

About EAW

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW®) designs, manufactures and sells loudspeaker systems and technologies that enable the growth and success of professional audio companies around the world.

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