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EAW SBX Series High-Performance Subwoofers

The SBX Series active 18” subwoofers include the SBX218 (capable of a total 5,000W) and the SBX118 (capable of 2,500W). Both operate in the 25hz–120hz frequency range with a max SPL of 141db for the SBX218 and 135db for the SBX118. Both models feature exclusive 18″ neodymium woofers with 4″ voice coils.

While the SBX Series subwoofers are mechanically designed to complement the NTX210L line array, they are capable of supporting other systems, such as the EAW Anna ADAPTive and RSX Series lines. Engineered for both installation and production, the SBX Series is equipped with a threaded pole mount and rugged handles, making for an ideal solution for small and large spaces. Integrated runners on the top and sides lock the subs together to resist movement due to vibration and provide a clean look.

Read more at Full Product Spec for SBX118 and SBX218.

About EAW

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW®) designs, manufactures and sells loudspeaker systems and technologies that enable the growth and success of professional audio companies around the world.

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