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Do’s and Don’ts For Teachers on Social Media

80% of U.S. teachers are on social media. Here are some handy best practises worth following.

Social Media DOs

  • Post updates and comments. If you’re in a public forum, keep it right and positive. If you can’t keep quiet.
  • Connect with colleagues with whom you feel safe. Don’t connect with colleagues you’re unsure about. Being friends with everyone isn’t part of the job description.
  • Control your privacy settings. And keep up with the changes that Facebook makes to those privacy settings.
  • Take care when posting pictures of others. If you tag a colleague, just think how you’d feel if they did the same to you.
  • Disconnect from negativity. Unfriend or block those who continually blast you with negativity and trolling.
  • Show what you’re proud of. Done something great? Let people know.

Social Media DON’Ts

  • Don’t comment on status updates of your students. Even if its positive, because you’ll either be criticising of showing favouritism. You can’t win.
  • Don’t follow your student on Facebook. Your intention are innocent but there’s little to gain and much to lose.
  • Never drink and tweet or post. Comments made after a bottle has been opened never look so wise or amusing in the morning.
  • Think twice before connecting with parents on social media. In a small community it can be fine, but think before you do.
  • Don’t show the beach shots of anything with a state of undress. Those bikini photographs may look fabulous but will just cause comment.
  • Don’t post party pictures off social media. If you lost dignity and it was photographed, don’t revisit the crime scene.
  • Don’t post during work hours. It just doesn’t look good. Not even if it was scheduled.
  • Don’t overpost. Don’t offer the world continuous updates on your activities.
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