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Killnet infiltrated FBI database

Updated on 2022-12-21

Russian Killnet hackers claimed to have infiltrated an FBI database and stolen the personal information of 10,000 federal agents. It also claimed to have breached the U.S. FMCSA. Read more: Russian Killnet Hackers Claim Data Theft of FBI Agents

Updated on 2022-11-24

A DDoS attack by the pro-Kremlin threat group Killnet knocked the European Parliament website offline for two hours. Read more: Russian DDoS Briefly Downs European Parliament Site

Updated on 2022-11-23

Pro-Russian hacking group Killnet has been targeting the U.K’s Royal Family websites with DDoS attacks for the past few days. Read more: Prince William targeted by Russian hackers as Killnet launch multiple attacks

Updated on 2022-11-15

Killnet claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack against FBI websites. It posted links allegedly related to the FBI’s Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal. Read more: Pro-Moscow Nuisance Hackers Claim DDoS Attack on FBI Website

Updated on 2022-11-08

Killnet targeted multiple state intelligence agencies across Eastern Bloc with DDoS attacks. However, the outages caused were brief and the websites are back online. Read more: Killnet targets Eastern Bloc government sites, but fails to keep them offline

Updated on 2022-11-04: Killnet attack on US Treasury

Speaking at a financial services conference this week, a representative for the US Treasury said the agency successfully defended a “pretty low-level DDoS” attack launched by Russian pro-hacktivist group Killnet last month. Read more: U.S. Treasury thwarted attack by Russian hacker group last month-official

Updated on 2022-11-03

The U.S. Treasury claimed to have thwarted a DDoS attack by the pro-Russian hacker group Killnet. However, the agency didn’t suffer any operational impact. Read more: US Treasury thwarts DDoS attack from Russian Killnet group

Updated on 2022-11-02: US Treasury Thwarted DDoS Attack

In October, the US Treasury was able to fend off cyberattacks, according to a Treasury official. Todd Conklin, cybersecurity counselor to Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo, said the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack targeted the agency’s critical infrastructure nodes. The attack has been attributed to a hacking group with ties to Russia.


  • Better to be able to report a thwarted attack than to fall victim to one. After you have enabled DDoS protections both at your perimeter and at your cloud-based services, make sure that you are getting reports on their effectiveness: you may find it eye-opening. If possible, make sure that you’re reporting these types of attacks to the FBI, CISA, etc. so they can be incorporated in larger response efforts.
  • Don’t forget to periodically test any DDoS response triggered switchovers!


Updated on 2022-10-18: Bulgaria seeks Russian hacker

Bulgaria’s prosecutor’s office charged and is seeking the extradition of a Russian citizen for launching a series of DDoS attacks against government websites earlier over the weekend. Desislava Petrova, the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson, said Russian authorities were not complying with their request (shocker!) and that they were most likely also involved in the attack as well. Read more:

Updated on 2022-10-17: DDoS attacks hit Bulgarian govt sites

Russian hacking group KillNet claimed responsibility for a series of DDoS attacks that hit and took down several Bulgarian government portals, including the websites of the Bulgarian Presidency and several ministries like the Interior and Defense. Read more: Руска хакерска атака срещу сайтовете на президентството, силовите министерства и Конституционния съд

Updated on 2022-10-11

Pro-Russian hacktivist group Killnet has carried out a set of coordinated DDoS attacks on the portals of several US airports. Fourteen airport websites were hit, but travel wasn’t affected at any location. Targets included airports in Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Louisville, Minneapolis, and others.

Pro-Russian hacker group Killnet took down the websites of several U.S. airports, including LAX, O’Hare, and LaGuardia, in a large-scale DDoS campaign, making them inaccessible to customers. Read more: US airports’ sites taken down in DDoS attacks by pro-Russian hackers

Updated on July 2022

New pro-Russian hacktivist group

A new pro-Russian hacktivist group calling itself DeaDNet has taken credit for the wave of DDoS attacks that have hit Norway over the past week. The group now joins the ranks of similar hacktivist groups like KillNet and XakNet, although it’s unclear if they are just a front for Russian intelligence services, like the previous two.


Intel471 has a report out on the operations of pro-Russian hacktivist group KillNet and its recruitment, tactics, techniques, and procedures.

US Congress DDOS

Russian hacktivist DDoS group Killnet claimed responsibility for an attack on the website of the US Congress, according to Cyberscoop.

Overview: KillNet

Threat analyst CyberKnow has a report out on the internal structure of the KillNet pro-Russian hacktivist group.

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