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Cyberattack Against Aurubis Systems Part of Broad Attacks Against Manufacturing

Updated on 2022-10-31: Cyberattack Against Aurubis Systems Part of Broad Attacks Against Manufacturing

Multinational copper producer and recycler Aurubis has acknowledged that its IT systems were the target of a cyberattack on Friday, October 28. Aurubis says the incident did not halt production, but they did disconnect their IT system as a precaution. According to a press release from Aurubis, the attack on their systems was part of a broader attack against the metals and mining industry.


  • Not a lot of details out on this one yet, but the Colonial Gas Pipeline incident pointed out that not only do OT systems need to be protected and segmented from IT systems, key applications on the IT side that if shut down would impact billing, tracking, sales etc. can also bring production to a halt.
  • As with Colonial Pipeline, both OT and IT systems have to be operational to deliver services. Which means that you’ve not only got to properly isolate those OT systems but also make sure that IT core systems which drive the business as well as talk to those OT systems are adequately protected. One other aspect to contemplate, workers sent home during the outage, as they couldn’t do their jobs was reported as a layoff, which could damage your reputation during an already challenging event.


Updated on 2022-10-30

Aurubis, a German copper producer, confirmed suffering a cyberattack that forced it to shut down its IT systems. While production remains unaffected, further investigation is ongoing. Read more: Largest EU copper producer Aurubis suffers cyberattack, IT outage

Overview: Aurubis attack

Aurubis, the second-largest copper producer in the world, disclosed a cybersecurity incident on Friday in what the company described as “apparently part of a larger attack on the metals and mining industry.” The company said the incident didn’t impact its production or environmental protection systems at smelter sites. Read more: Update on cyber attack at Aurubis

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