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Cryptonite Ransomware Wiper

Updated on 2022-12-07: Cryptonite ransomware/wiper

Fortinet says that a ransomware building kit it tracked as Cryptonite is generating malfunctioning ransomware strains that don’t provide a way to recover files. While some Cryptonite ransomware samples have been spotted in the wild, the good news is that the project has been removed from GitHub last week, which will most likely limit the damage it can cause. Read more:

Updated on 2022-12-06

A new Cryptonite sample analyzed by Fortinet revealed that the open-source ransomware toolkit also serves as a destructive data wiper due to “weak architecture and programming.” Read more: The Story of a Ransomware Turning into an Accidental Wiper

Overview: Cryptonite ransomware

Fortinet has taken a look at Cryptonite, an open-source ransomware building kit. Not to be confused with the Chaos ransomware variant, also named Cryptonite. Read more: Ransomware Roundup: Cryptonite Ransomware

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