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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News Headlines Update on August 29, 2020

Celsius Network announces to increase reward rates on 12 stable coins enabling customers to earn between 11.55% – 15.89% APY, earn up to 35% more on their digital dollars when choosing to earn in the app’s native CEL token or earn rewards in-kind at the listed rate.

Circle and Coinbase have announced USD Coin (USDC) Version 2.0, which allows services that offer USDC support to pay transaction fees. USDC 2.0 update introduces a new set of on-chain multiple-signature contracts, including new consensus mechanisms, which will help to improve the resiliency and growth of Centre and shift off-line human processes into on-chain multiple signature processes, according to centreblog > Centre Consortium Announces Release of USD Coin Version 2.0

AdLedger announces CryptoRTB protocol for digital advertising. MadHive donates open-source cryptographic toolset for OpenRTB leverages the MadNetwork blockchain to identify illegitimate ad supply, create a verifiable chain of custody, and create mechanisms for data access and validation for the digital advertising industry.

Fidelity Investments has filed an application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), prepare to launch Bitcoin Index Fund. Read more at News > New SEC Filing Shows Fidelity Preparing to Launch Bitcoin Fund

NASA to use the blockchain solution for the space agency’s drone fleet. Orbit Logic and the Fraunhofer USA Center for Experimental Software Engineering won $124,800 in NASA funding to build Space Communication Reconstruction and Mapping with Blockchain Ledgering (SCRAMBL).

Moonstake, RAMP DEFI, and Ruby Capital join forces for DeFi integration and expansion of the DeFi ecosystem, leverage Moonstake’s technical expertise and support to help develop staking and DeFi services inside of Moonstake’s Staking Platform.

RAMP DEFI helps to unlock $22 billion illiquid capital in staked digital assets in the DeFi economy without losing out on the upside that staking provides. RAMP DEFI develops a cross-chain liquidity on/off ramp that will allow holders of non-ERC-20 staked digital assets to conveniently utilize eUSD (ERC-20 equivalent).

RAMP DEFI ecosystem

RAMP DEFI ecosystem

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Releases Cryptocurrency Explanation Video, talks about cryptocurrencies in a positive light and points out some major dangers of using it. However, anonymity risk mentioned in video prompting heated debate on Twitter.



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