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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News Headlines Update on August 24, 2020

Empire Market, a major dark web marketplace has been offline for days and no one knows why. Rumors on Reddit could be preparing for an exit scam.

We are ~36 hours into Empire Market being completely offline. Last year extended periods of downtime were common before the Endgame DDoS filter was released.

After months of nearly perfect uptime, this downtime feels more stressful than the frequent Empire downtimes of 2019.

— (@DarkDotFail) August 23, 2020

Se7en, Empire’s head moderator, has posted their first statement since the downtime began: “If the market is still down in a couple of days I’ll make a post about the whole situation then, it’s early days and maybe the admins will bring it back.”

Wait… “maybe”!?

— (@DarkDotFail) August 24, 2020

“Beware the many false narratives and FUD circulating. We are here and are hard at work. Doing anything safely takes time.” – PGP verified update from Empire Market staff on Dread

— (@DarkDotFail) August 23, 2020

Bitcoin is at the beginning of extended bull run due to macro phenomena and Bitcoin strength spells bullish, according to Dan Held, head of growth at United States cryptocurrency exchange Kraken.

Bitcoin is at the beginning of a bull run:

– 97% of UTXOs are in profit
– 61% Bitcoin hasn’t moved in over a year (ATH)
– Just had a halving
– Central bank money printing in overdrive
– Global debt as a % of GDP is the highest its been in recorded history (peacetime)

— Dan Held (@danheld) August 24, 2020

I would never invest one cent in Bitcoin, says Micheal O’Leary, Ryanair CEO when speaking to The Times.

I have never, and would never, invest one cent in Bitcoin, which I believe is equivalent to a Ponzi scheme. […] I would strongly advise everyone with any shred of common sense to ignore this false story and avoid Bitcoin like a plague.

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