11 Ways To Create An Killer IG Campaign For 2020

We’ve all heard of Instagram, it’s an exciting platform that is growing rapidly. Each day, there are more than 500 million active users! In April 2017, Instagram revealed that they touched a mind-boggling 700 million Instagrammers and the daily active users were 400+ million.

11 Ways To Create An Killer IG Campaign For 2020
11 Ways To Create An Killer IG Campaign For 2020

There was a time when this platform was considered the younger sibling of Facebook. However, at present, Instagram has become one of the primary revenue generating tools for businesses. Today, there are more than 8 million business profiles. What’s more, more than 95 million images are shared on an everyday basis with active users. And, Instagram users are not just active, they’re engaged. This photo and video app exhibits the shift from editorial content to imagery.

Can you believe that more 35% of the users check Instagram multiple times a day! The users of today want more content in the least amount of time. With all this information, have we convinced you to hop on the Instagram bandwagon?

If yes, how can you navigate your way through this platform and create an Instagram campaign that will boost your brand?

Give different types of content a shot

To truly connect with your audience and understand what content they like, you need to make use of the different content styles offered on Instagram. Only once you do a trial and error of the different formats, you will know which one works the best for you. Instagram stories is a hot seller and used by 250 million Instagrammers. Other formats are traditional photo and videos, Instagram Live Video, story links, story advertisements and carousel content. Different types of formats help you find out the content your audience prefers and also creates varied content which a wider, mixed audience will follow.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencers have done their fair share of hard work. By collaborating with them, you can tap into their huge fan following, increase your audience and gain new followers for your account. According to a survey conducted by Google, top YouTubers attract more than 12 times the number of comments compared to traditional celebrities! Keep in mind the golden rule for influencer marketing on Instagram – finding the right influencer.

For a little inspiration, check out makeup giant @TooFaced feed. Several of the posts are reposts from influencers who are promoting the brand’s products.

Micro-influencers are another option

For small businesses is easier to strike a deal with micro-influencers at lower rates rather than the bigwigs. You need to connect with the right influencer to ensure that their fan base is genuinely interested in your product.

Host an Instagram takeover

An Instagram takeover is when a brand allows a popular blogger, brand ambassador, celebrity, employee or fan to take over their page for a few hours or a few days. It’s a superb way to collaborate and cross-promote content. The hashtag allows you to track user engagement and assess the campaign’s success.

Instagram captions should go hand in hand with compelling content to increase performance

While visual content takes Instagram’s centre stage, compelling captions can enhance the performance of Instagram content. Each visual that you’re uploading needs to have an appropriate and engrossing caption that goes along with it.

Include a call to action

A motivating call to action in the visual content or caption encourages your audience to engage with your brand in a meaningful, deeper way. Asking your members to visit your brand’s website is not as fruitful as driving them to a specific page for a specific reason. Considering that Instagram is a very ‘sticky’ platform, meaning, people need more than an absolute reason to leave; it’s more effective to drive them to your brand’s page via CTAs.

Hold contests

If you want interaction from your audience, ask for it! Contests are a simple tactic to involve your audience, get them to respond, and stir a little healthy competition.

Few ideas for easy contests are:

  • Tell us how this image makes you feel
  • Caption this
  • Share a time when…

Share an experience

The millions who scroll through Instagram aren’t looking for typical photographs of products. Instead, they’re on the lookout for irresistible visual experiences that excite them. Take the example of GoPro. They have an array of enthralling images which lets their audience skydive in Switzerland, hike Mt. Kilimanjaro or even ride the biggest waves in Hawaii. What’s their key to success? Rather than posting pictures of their cameras, they show how to capture adventure with the help of their camera; perfectly blending content with experience. The lesson, experience trumps product.

Tell a story

Expanding is one thing, but first, you need to reach out and engage your current followers. Telling a story is one of the best ways to get your point across in an easy and memorable way. Not only does it leave a lasting impression but also displays a larger narrative. Pages such as Humans of Bombay began to gain a lot of traction of late because the content that they posted was easy to relate to. Although low on the scale of innovation, their visuals and content are emotional, invigorating, and raw.

Source: officialhumansofbombay Instagram
Source: officialhumansofbombay Instagram

Stay relevant

Content which is relevant is shareable. Looping in trending topics for your campaign will generate more shares resulting in more followers.

Be consistent

Last but not least, consistency is the key to success. Post regularly so that your brand is always on top of every feed and your audience is constantly looking for something new.

Let your Instagram page razzle and dazzle

Today’s Instagram is not only about capturing the attention of your audience with selfies or photos of your lunch, but it’s a powerful tool that can ignite your brand. Open this door which will lead you into a whole new world and come out as a different brand!