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Converged Infrastructure Solution Roadmap

Learn how to manage and control technology costs, productivity and security through a converged solution with 4 steps to transition from physical, virtual and cloud to a converged infrastructure.

Step1: Create a Plan

Define requirements, timelines and goals for convergence.

Reduce management and operational complexity.

Meet business demand for rapid provisioning of new services.

Increase application flexibility and cost transparency.

Get commitment from IT and business decision makers.

Develop role-based polices.

Step 2: Consolidate

Inventory your existing IT assets, including storage, networking, servers and software licenses.

Identify the performance characteristics of each IT asset.

Step 3: Virtualize

Abstract server resources for applications.

Abstract storage resources.

Review hypervisor storage licenses.

Step 4: Automate

Develop compute resources for applications.

Ensure ability to orchestrate server, network and storage resources.

Provision IT assets based on policies.

Enable ongoing firmware updates.

Finish: Winner’s circle! You’ve increased cost transparency, lowered complexity, improved security, and how you’re meeting business unit and user demands.

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