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Consideration for Adopting or Upgrading ERP system

ERP system is a powerful tool that helps you efficiently analyze, interpret, and execute the core activities of each department on day-to-day basis. Companies who seek to adopt/upgrade to ERP system do so in order to integrate different programs they’re using for different departments into one suite. An ERP system helps reduce costs because any previous delay or duplication of work is avoided. Consider the following when adopting/upgrading to an ERP system:

Costs & Benefits:
• What is your budget?
• What is your firm looking to achieve?

• What system(s) is your industry/competitor using?
• Are you looking to adopt/upgrade to keep pace with competition?

Training and Implementation:
• How much time are you seeking for the ERP system to be up and running on its own?
• How much level of support are you looking for in an ERP partner?

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