CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Exam Questions and Answers

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Question 591: An administrator has concerns regarding the traveling sales team who works primarily from smart phones.
Given the sensitive nature of their work, which of the following would BEST prevent access to the data in case of loss or theft?

A. Enable screensaver locks when the phones are not in use to prevent unauthorized access
B. Configure the smart phones so that the stored data can be destroyed from a centralized location
C. Configure the smart phones so that all data is saved to removable media and kept separate from the device
D. Enable GPS tracking on all smart phones so that they can be quickly located and recovered

Question 592: A chief Financial Officer (CFO) has asked the Chief Information Officer (CISO) to provide responses to a recent audit report detailing deficiencies in the organization security controls. The CFO would like to know ways in which the organization can improve its authorization controls.
Given the request by the CFO, which of the following controls should the CISO focus on in the report? (Select Three)

A. Password complexity policies
B. Hardware tokens
C. Biometric systems
D. Role-based permissions
E. One time passwords
F. Separation of duties
G. Multifactor authentication
H. Single sign-on
I. Lease privilege

Question 593: A mobile device user is concerned about geographic positioning information being included in messages sent between users on a popular social network platform. The user turns off the functionality in the application, but wants to ensure the application cannot re-enable the setting without the knowledge of the user.
Which of the following mobile device capabilities should the user disable to achieve the stated goal?

A. Device access control
B. Location based services
C. Application control
D. GEO-Tagging

Question 594: A security engineer is faced with competing requirements from the networking group and database administrators. The database administrators would like ten application servers on the same subnet for ease of administration, whereas the networking group would like to segment all applications from one another.
Which of the following should the security administrator do to rectify this issue?

A. Recommend performing a security assessment on each application, and only segment the applications with the most vulnerability
B. Recommend classifying each application into like security groups and segmenting the groups from one another
C. Recommend segmenting each application, as it is the most secure approach
D. Recommend that only applications with minimal security features should be segmented to protect them

Question 595: A Security Officer on a military base needs to encrypt several smart phones that will be going into the field.
Which of the following encryption solutions should be deployed in this situation?

A. Elliptic curve
B. One-time pad
D. AES-256

Question 596: A technician must configure a firewall to block external DNS traffic from entering a network.
Which of the following ports should they block on the firewall?

A. 53
B. 110
C. 143
D. 443

Question 597: A supervisor in your organization was demoted on Friday afternoon. The supervisor had the ability to modify the contents of a confidential database, as well as other managerial permissions. On Monday morning, the database administrator reported that log files indicated that several records were missing from the database.
Which of the following risk mitigation strategies should have been implemented when the supervisor was demoted?

A. Incident management
B. Routine auditing
C. IT governance
D. Monthly user rights reviews

Question 598: Joe is exchanging encrypted email with another party. Joe encrypts the initial email with a key. When Joe receives a response, he is unable to decrypt the response with the same key he used initially.
Which of the following would explain the situation?

A. An ephemeral key was used for one of the messages
B. A stream cipher was used for the initial email; a block cipher was used for the reply
C. Out-of-band key exchange has taken place
D. Asymmetric encryption is being used

Question 599: Recently several employees were victims of a phishing email that appeared to originate from the company president. The email claimed the employees would be disciplined if they did not click on a malicious link in the message.
Which of the following principles of social engineering made this attack successful?

A. Authority
B. Spamming
C. Social proof
D. Scarcity

Question 600: A security guard has informed the Chief Information Security Officer that a person with a tablet has been walking around the building. The guard also noticed strange white markings in different areas of the parking lot.
The person is attempting which of the following types of attacks?

A. Jamming
B. War chalking
C. Packet sniffing
D. Near field communication

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