CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Exam Questions and Answers

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Question 371: An attachment that was emailed to finance employees contained an embedded message. The security administrator investigates and finds the intent was to conceal the embedded information from public view.
Which of the following BEST describes this type of message?

A. Obfuscation
B. Steganography
C. Diffusion

Question 372: If two employees are encrypting traffic between them using a single encryption key, which of the following algorithms are they using?

D. SHA-2

Question 373: Confidential corporate data was recently stolen by an attacker who exploited data transport protections.
Which of the following vulnerabilities is the MOST likely cause of this data breach?

A. Resource exhaustion on VPN concentrators
B. Weak SSL cipher strength
C. Improper input handling on FTP site
D. Race condition on packet inspection firewall

Question 374: A security analyst is checking log files and finds the following entries:

A security analyst is checking log files and finds the following entries
A security analyst is checking log files and finds the following entries

Which of the following is MOST likely happening?

A. A hacker attempted to pivot using the web server interface.
B. A potential hacker could be banner grabbing to determine what architecture is being used.
C. The DNS is misconfigured for the server’s IP address.
D. A server is experiencing a DoS, and the request is timing out.

Question 375: A security analyst is specifying requirements for a wireless network. The analyst must explain the security features provided by various architecture choices.
Which of the following is provided by PEAP, EAP-TLS, and EAP-TTLS?

A. Key rotation
B. Mutual authentication
C. Secure hashing
D. Certificate pinning

Question 376: A staff member contacts the help desk because the staff member’s device is currently experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Long delays when launching applications
  • Timeout errors when loading some websites
  • Errors when attempting to open local Word documents and photo files
  • Pop-up messages in the task bar stating that antivirus is out-of-date
  • VPN connection that keeps timing out, causing the device to lose connectivity

Which of the following BEST describes the root cause of these symptoms?

A. The user has disabled the antivirus software on the device, and the hostchecker for the VPN is preventing access.
B. The device is infected with crypto-malware, and the files on the device are being encrypted.
C. The proxy server for accessing websites has a rootkit installed, and this is causing connectivity issues.
D. A patch has been incorrectly applied to the device and is causing issues with the wireless adapter on
the device.

Question 377: A small organization has implemented a rogue system detection solution. Which of the following BEST explains the organization’s intent?

A. To identify weak ciphers being used on the network
B. To identify assets on the network that are subject to resource exhaustion
C. To identify end-of-life systems still in use on the network
D. To identify assets that are not authorized for use on the network

Question 378: Which of the following is used to encrypt web application data?

A. MD5

Question 379: Which of the following uses tokens between the identity provider and the service provider to authenticate and authorize users to resources?

C. OAuth

Question 380: Which of the following are considered to be “something you do”? (Choose two.)
A. Iris scan
B. Handwriting
C. CAC card
D. Gait
F. Fingerprint

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