Over 500 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Questions and Answers

Question 451: Which of the following would a network technician MOST likely connect to power wireless access points in drop ceilings?

A. Powerline extender
B. Ethernet-over-power adapter
C. Power-over-Ethernet switch
D. Power distribution unit
E. Ethernet power controller

Question 452: A network administrator has deployed a secure wireless network that authenticates using Active Directory network credentials so individual users are uniquely identified when connected to the WLAN. Which of the following wireless technologies has the administrator configured?


Question 453: A network administrator is responding to a help desk ticket, which states an unknown wireless access point is broadcasting in a specific area. Upon investigation, the administrator finds that a user brought a wireless access point from home and plugged it into the corporate network. This resulted in an attacker using the unsecured wireless LAN to gain access to the network. Which of the following should the network administrator have done to BEST prevent this problem?

A. Changed the default credentials on the network switches
B. Installed a Layer 7 firewall
C. Implemented port security
D. Disabled unnecessary services on the network switches

Question 454: Which of the following should be performed on a regular basis to prevent unauthorized access to a company network? (Choose two.)

A. Packet analysis
B. Reviewing baselines
C. Vulnerability scanning
D. Patch management
E. Log archiving

Question 455: A network technician receives a report that the company’s intranet web server is not responding. The technician verifies successful connectivity to the server via the ping and tracert commands. The technician also verifies the routers and switches are online and operational, and then runs Telnet to port 80 and receives a response. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician perform NEXT?

A. Establish a plan to reset the company router.
B. Escalate the issue to the server administrator.
C. Duplicate the issue and continue testing.
D. Report that an issue was not identified.

Question 456: A technician needs to connect two routers using copper cables. Which of the following cables would utilize both the TIA/EIA 568a and TIA/EIA 568b standards?

A. Cat5 crossover
B. Cat5e straight-through
C. Cat5e rollover
D. Cat6 console
E. Cat6a straight-through

Question 457: The engineering department wants to bring a legacy computer online to test a failed component. When patching the device into the switch, there are no link lights or connectivity. The legacy computer can ping its loopback address successfully. Another device can connect to that same port without issues. Which of the following should the network technician check NEXT? (Choose two.)

A. Speed setting on the switch
B. Duplex requirements
C. Firmware version
D. Protocols the legacy computer supports
E. Network card drivers
F. VLAN settings

Question 458: A user in the marketing department reports the email server is down. The user has not received email for more than 24 hours. Which of the following should the network technician do to investigate this issue?

A. Question other users in the marketing department to see if they are also having connectivity issues.
B. Reboot the email server and verify connectivity once it is up again.
C. Check the router and firewall to see if ACLs or firmware have changed in the last 24 hours.
D. Check for network connectivity on the user’s PC and reinstall the email client.

Question 459: A network administrator is reviewing the following output from a switch.

Which of the following attacks has occurred on the switch?

A. DNS poisoning
B. ARP poisoning
C. VLAN hopping
D. MAC address spoofing

Question 460: A user does not have access to network services but has Internet access. The technician notices the computer has an IP address of when the network is Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

A. Rogue DHCP server
B. Duplicate IP addresses
C. Incorrect gateway
D. Server permission changes

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