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Digital Workspace Showdown: Why Citrix Workspace is a better choice than VMware Workspace ONE

Take a closer look at the dozen ways that Citrix Workspace outperforms VMware Workspace ONE. Today’s workers expect the same flexibility and freedom in their working lives that mobile and cloud technologies have brought to their personal lives.

Why Citrix Workspace is a bet er choice than VMware Workspace ONE

That, in a nutshell, is likely the primary reason why you’re looking into implementing a digital workspace solution. Digital workspaces make work possible no matter where your workers are located, or what devices or applications they use.

If it was simple, then VMware Workspace ONE could handle it.

The fact is implementing digital workspaces has ramifications that ripple throughout the organization. Can your chosen solution really give workers the seamless experiences they expect? Does it give you the choices and flexibility you need to confidently and seamlessly complete your march to digital transformation? Can you be sure that the workspaces and the secrets in your data center stay safe when workers might use SaaS applications, visit insecure websites, or engage in risky behaviors?

To handle all of the above, only Citrix Workspace will do. In fact there are 12 distinct differences. Here, we lay them out in stark detail. Read on and ask yourself which is the better choice for your organization.

User Experience and Productivity

Workers expect seamless experiences while using the devices and applications they are familiar with. And they expect their technology to perform, regardless of network conditions.

They might not know they’re on a bandwidth-constrained connection, nor do they care. They just want things to work.

Meanwhile, you need to deliver these great user experiences in a way that supports business needs and improves productivity. That means providing flexibility for workers to access corporate resources and collaborate, while you manage the infrastructure in an agile way that allows you to scale quickly and cost-effectively

Greater User Productivity: Compared to Workspace ONE, Citrix Workspace speeds and streamlines common tasks, including opening email attachments, accessing files from different repositories, opening and loading applications, and transitioning between different devices.

Simplicity and Consistency of Experience
Citrix Workspace: Apps, files, and multiplatform desktops integrate in a unified, context-aware user front end that is accessible from all devices. Users freely switch between devices as they work.
VMware Workspace ONE: With no support for Linux applications and files, users have to use multiple tools to access their files and do their work.

Performance Across Constrained Networks
Citrix Workspace: SD-WAN technology delivers the optimum application-specific path across available networks. The Citrix HDX™ protocol preserves the user experience under poor conditions, even for applications like Skype.
VMware Workspace ONE: Users see their productivity negatively impacted while waiting for files to load or the screen content to fully render, and suffer from poor text and image quality

Integration with Microsoft Office
Citrix Workspace: Mobile users can open Office files attached to Citrix Secure Mail and cut, copy, and paste into other mobile apps. Citrix file sync and sharing technology integrates with Microsoft Teams.
VMware Workspace ONE: Mobile users need multiple steps to open Office files attached to their VMware Boxer email and copy/paste content. VMware’s Content Locker for file syncing and sharing does not integrate with Microsoft Teams.

File Synchronisation / Content Collaboration
Citrix Workspace: Users collaborate simply and more efficiently, regardless of location, device, or whether sharing documents with coworkers or external parties. Power users create custom workflows via a drag-and-drop wizard.
VMware Workspace ONE: Collaboration is limited to syncing files back and forth with no live editing. No support for workflows weakens security, and development resources are required to replicate paper forms.

Cloud Transformation and Management

The more choices you have, the more confidence you can have that you will be able to complete your cloud transformation successfully.

That means flexibility to adopt any combination of on-premises, public, and private cloud delivery models. You can support whatever mobile devices your users prefer, allow them to work in more places, provide more locations for them to store and access their work files, and enable them to collaborate seamlessly with colleagues.

But choices can’t come at the cost of control. You need to be able to manage users, devices, data, workloads, and networks centrally, so you’ll modernize while maximizing your existing investments.

Superior IT Flexibility: Compared to Workspace ONE, Citrix Workspace offers more choices for IT while streamlining management, which makes it easier to smoothly transition and accomplish digital transformation without disrupting the business.

Unified Management
Citrix Workspace: Digital workspaces may be deployed on premises or on public, private, or hybrid clouds—all managed through a single pane of glass.
VMware Workspace ONE: All components of Workspace ONE each have a separate management console, decreasing efficiency and making troubleshooting more complex.

VDI Platform Support
Citrix Workspace: A virtual desktop infrastructure can be hosted on any hypervisor or physical platform; choosing the most cost-effective platform reduces operational cost.
VMware Workspace ONE: VMware supports limited virtualization platforms, with inconsistent features and capabilities. Limited flexibility prevents companies from transforming the business quickly or efficiently.

Device Support / Application Protection
Citrix Workspace: Support for any device OS and choice of containerization and mobile device management platforms maximize flexibility for protecting applications. A unique mVPN and bridgeless integration with Microsoft EMS/Intune and Office 365 deliver the best experience with high security.
VMware Workspace ONE: Security concerns limit end users’ options for devices and applications. Lack of mVPN and no bridgeless integration with Intune MAM mean greater risk for organizations with mobile Office 365 users.

User File Access
Citrix Workspace: Unique content collaboration allows users to store and access their files stored behind the firewall or on public/private clouds such as Microsoft SharePoint or OneDrive. Citrix content collaboration allows users to share, edit, and sync files.
VMware Workspace ONE: Fewer connectors for different types of file storage limit user flexibility and may tempt them to go around security policies. Users are unable to collaborate.

Security and Compliance

Your security teams need to protect corporate data assets while devices connect from anywhere, including over public networks.

The security concerns are partially addressed by use of virtual desktops, which keep the applications and data in the data center. But only partially. Workers still need to access SaaS applications, they could visit insecure websites, and the security model must account for risky behaviors such as copying sensitive files onto removable drives or opening phishing emails. These can expose your business to potential data breaches or other compliance risks.

The old approach of securing the perimeter has given way to the need to ensure end-to-end security—to the ends of the earth, if need be. That means protecting apps and data and controlling user access while supporting a growing number of devices and services.

More Security Controls: Compared to Workspace ONE, Citrix Workspace implements more security controls for common threats, including malware, denial of service, phishing attacks, and user error.

End-to-End Security
Citrix Workspace: The Citrix Secure Digital Perimeter framework enables comprehensive, integrated workspace security. This includes network security and identity management / access control with single sign-on and multifactor authentication to protect both endpoints and data in the data center.
VMware Workspace ONE: No integrated network security or strong controls—in particular, secure browsing or secure access controls—are available to protect SaaS applications.

Cloud Application Security
Citrix Workspace: Security teams can block access to unsanctioned SaaS apps and the Internet and protect sensitive data from actions such as copy/paste or download. A hardened browser protects against malware, data loss, and end user behavior while the web filter controls website access.
VMware Workspace ONE: Limited cloud application security means that security-conscious organizations need to adopt thirdparty solutions, increasing cost and complexity. With no copy/paste restrictions or watermarking, sensitive data can be exfiltrated from SaaS apps.

User Behavior Analytics
Citrix Workspace: Citrix Analytics uniquely aggregates and correlates user interaction with applications, devices, networks, and data to proactively identify and manage internal and external threats.
VMware Workspace ONE: Limited analytics primarily focus on security of devices enrolled to AirWatch and self-developed mobile applications.

Security Model
Citrix Workspace: Support for a risk-based security model using scoring dynamically balances the needs of users to have rapid access to data against IT’s need to secure and govern the environment.
VMware Workspace ONE: Rather than machine learning and scoring, administrators must define static thresholds, which are inflexible and error-prone.

Citrix is reimagining the future of work, unlocking creativity, productivity, and innovation to make the extraordinary possible.

From healthcare to financial services to the manufacturing floor, people have real-time intelligence and are connected in ways that allow them to work faster and smarter to deliver greater outcomes for the business and customers alike.

Source: Citrix: Improve business productivity with a fully integrated digital workspace



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