Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on April 15, 2020

Question 41: Which Azure big data cloud service is used to perform real-time analytics, specifically for the internet of things (IoT)?
A. Azure HDInsight
B. Azure IoT Analytics
C. Azure Real-time Insights
D. Azure Stream Analytics

Question 42: Which Google big data tool is an Apache Spark and Hadoop service that processes big data sets and simplifies data analysis?
A. Google Cloud Dataproc
B. Google Cloud Bigtable
C. Google Cloud Datalab
D. Google Cloud Dataflow

Question 43: Which AWS business intelligence (BI) tool provides insights and visualizations for big data projects?
A. AWS HDInsight
B. AWS QuickSight
C. AWS HindSight
D. AWS BISight

Question 44: What major enterprise customer moved to Google Cloud Platform in February 2016 for its big data capabilities?
A. Vimeo
B. Netflix
C. Spotify
D. Rhapsody

Question 45: Which Azure big data warehouse service became generally available in July 2016 to compete with Google and AWS offerings?
A. Azureshift
B. Azure SQL Data Warehouse
C. Azure dashDB
D. Azure Table Storage

Question 46: Which of the following is an Azure storage depository for big data?
A. Azure Data River
B. Azure Data Pond
C. Azure Data Ocean
D. Azure Data Lake

Question 47: Which AWS tool helps you load massive amounts of streaming data into AWS?
A. Amazon Kinesis Firehose
B. Amazon Kinesis Streams
C. Amazon Kinesis FireHydrant
D. Amazon Kinesis Rivers

Question 48: Which Google big data service uses SQL queries to process and analyze large data sets?
A. Google DeepThought
B. Google SQLQuery
C. Google BigQuery
D. Google Watson

Question 49: ____________ in HR recruiting platforms could be the reason your company is hiring more men than women.
A. False rejection
B. AI bias

Question 50: _____________ is used to assess employees’ execution of tasks and projects in real time.
A. Performance management software
B. Technology-assisted review (TAR)

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