Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on April 15, 2020

Question 21: A series of activities to create a unique product or service by a specific date is best described as which one of the following?
A. A program
B. An operation
C. A project
D. A subproject

Question 22: Ben is a new employee in your organization and he’s been assigned to your project team. Ben doesn’t understand why he is on your project team because he thinks everything is part of the organization’s day-to-day operations. Which of the following is likely to be part of an operation?
A. Providing electricity to a community
B. Designing an electrical grid for a new community
C. Building a new dam as a source of electricity
D. Informing the public about changes at the electrical company

Question 23: You are the project manager of the HBH Project to install 40 new servers for your company network. You recommend, as part of your project planning, using progressive elaboration. Some of the project team members are confused about this concept. Of the following, which one is the best example of progressive elaboration?
A. It is the process of decomposing the work into small, manageable tasks.
B. It is the process of taking a project from concept to completion.
C. It is the process of taking a project concept to a project budget.
D. It is the process of identifying the business needs of a potential project.

Question 24: Your organization would like to create a new product based on market research. This new product will be created by a project. This is an example of which one of the following reasons to launch a new project?
A. Organizational need
B. Customer request
C. Market demand
D. Legal requirement

Question 25: Your organization utilizes projects, programs and portfolios. Some of the project team members are confused about what a program is. A program is which one of the following?
A. A very large, complex project
B. A collection of small projects with a common goal
C. A collection of projects with a common objective
D. A collection of subprojects with a common customer

Question 26: Sam and Sarah are in a heated discussion over a new program in the organization. They are trying to determine who will make the tactical decisions in the projects within the program. Who manages programs?
A. Management
B. Project sponsors
C. Project managers
D. Program managers

Question 27: You have an excellent idea for a new project that can increase productivity by 20 percent in your organization. Management, however, declines to approve the proposed project because too many resources are already devoted to other projects. You have just experienced what?
A. Parametric modeling
B. Management by exception
C. Project portfolio management
D. Management reserve

Question 28: Larger projects generally utilize more processes with more depth than smaller projects. What term is assigned to customization of processes within a project?
A. Process mapping
B. Process configuration
C. Process tailoring
D. Process selection

Question 29: Holly is a new project manager and she’s working toward her CAPM certification. She is having some trouble understanding which processes she should implement in her new project based on the available processes in the PMBOK Guide. Of the following, which statement is correct?
A. A project manager must use every process identified within the PMBOK Guide on every project.
B. A project must use every tool and technique as identified within the PMBOK Guide on every project.
C. A project manager must use the most appropriate processes on every project.
D. A project manager must agree to use all of the project management tools and techniques on every project.

Question 30: Projects are temporary endeavors to create a unique product, service or result. Which one of the following does not relate to the concept of “temporary” in project management?
A. The project team
B. The market window status on which the project is capitalizing
C. The project deliverable
D. The project manager

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