Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on April 15, 2020

Question 1: You are running virtual machines on a single physical server. The server operating system does not run any other applications and is dedicated to virtualization. What type of hypervisor is this?
A. Type 1
B. Type 2
C. Type 3
D. Type 4

Question 2: Which of these is not a feature of a CPU?
A. Multicore
B. 64-bit processing
C. L1 cache

Question 3: What manages and controls the speed of a motherboard’s buses?
C. Chipset
D. L1 cache

Question 4: Which of these ports are physically identical?
A. USB Type-A and USB Type-B
B. Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort
C. DisplayPort and FireWire
D. DVI and VGA

Question 5: What kind of drive reads CompactFlash storage?
A. USB flash drive
B. Card reader

Question 6: If you have a PC with a 32-bit CPU, which operating systems will run on it?
A. 32-bit only
B. Both 32-bit and 64-bit
C. Neither 32-bit nor 64-bit
D. 64-bit only

Question 7: Which OS configuration uses data labels to control resource access?
A. Services
B. Scheduled tasks
C. Mandatory access control

Question 8: What should you install before you download and install additional software on a new PC?
A. Security software
B. Nothing
C. Updates to other applications
D. Drivers for hardware devices

Question 9: What is a root directory?
A. The top-level storage location on a volume
B. The folder containing the system files
C. The folder containing the boot files
D. The folder containing the signed-in user’s personal files

Question 10: Which file property makes a search faster for content within files?
A. Archive
B. Indexed
C. Compressed
D. Encrypted

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