Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on December 31, 2020

Question 71: What do you call a storage appliance that automatically moves data from on-premises storage to cloud storage?
A. cloud integrator
B. cloud controller
Correct Answer: B. cloud controller

Question 72: _____________ is a backup operational mode in which the functions of a primary system component are assumed by a secondary component if the primary component becomes unavailable.
A. converged secondary storage
B. failover
Correct Answer: B. failover

Question 73: Which deployment model allows an application to run locally but access public cloud resources when necessary?
A. cloud bursting
B. conditional access
Correct Answer: A. cloud bursting

Question 74: What type of cloud computing relies on orchestration to coordinate the use of on-premises and cloud services?
A. private cloud
B. hybrid cloud
Correct Answer: B. hybrid cloud

Question 75: Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) is a load-balancing service for ______________ deployments.
A. Amazon
B. Azure
Correct Answer: A. Amazon

Question 76: What type of network uses policy to automatically determine the most effective way to route application traffic between branch offices and data center sites?
A. software-defined WAN
B. overlay network
Correct Answer: A. software-defined WAN

Question 77: __________________ facilitates continuous learning by providing employees with professional development opportunities related to their job.
A. Upskilling
B. Reskilling
Correct Answer: A. Upskilling

Question 78: A _________________ assesses the differences between the current and desired performance levels of a company’s systems or applications.
A. gap analysis
B. case study
Correct Answer: A. gap analysis

Question 79: Situational awareness and time management are highly sought-after ___________ skills.
A. hard
B. soft
Correct Answer: B. soft

Question 80: What do you call an educational strategy that breaks complex topics down into short-form, stand-alone units of study that can be viewed whenever and wherever the learner needs?
A. microlearning
B. reinforcement learning
Correct Answer: A. microlearning