Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on December 31, 2020

Question 41: Which term describes the pricing model that’s used in a should-cost analysis?
A. CPP (cost plus pricing)
B. value-based pricing
Correct Answer: A. CPP (cost plus pricing)

Question 42: What do you call the difference between what it costs to get a product to market and the price the provider charges for it?
Correct Answer: Profit margin

Question 43: Which task would you create a procurement plan for?
A. selecting a vendor.
B. forecasting customer demand at a particular price point.
Correct Answer: A. selecting a vendor.

Question 44: A GWAC allows multiple government agencies in the U.S. to contract for goods or services together. What does GWAC stand for?
A. government-wide acquisition contract
B. generic Washington accounting collaborative
Correct Answer: A. government-wide acquisition contract

Question 45: What do you call a known state that’s used for comparisons?
A. baseline
B. inflection point
Correct Answer: A. baseline

Question 46: Which type of document provides a project manager with written authority to begin work?
A. project scope
B. project charter
Correct Answer: B. project charter

Question 47: What type of application program interface uses HTTP requests to access and use data?
B. Java API
Correct Answer: A. REST API

Question 48: What type of API may take a few hours to return data that’s been requested?
A. synchronous
B. asynchronous
Correct Answer: B. asynchronous

Question 49: What type of API can block IP addresses and put limits on the volume of API calls?
A. restricted
B. narrow
Correct Answer: A. restricted

Question 50: What do you call the reference point by which a maturity level is measured?
A. tipping point
B. benchmark
Correct Answer: B. benchmark