Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on December 31, 2020

Question 21: The NetOps and __________ concepts both have a strong focus on automation, which acts as a bridge between the two approaches.
A. DevOps
B. .Net
Correct Answer: A. DevOps

Question 22: NetOps adoption requires networking teams to learn to embrace change and manage _________ rather than avoid it.
A. XaaS (anything as a service)
B. operational risk
Correct Answer: B. operational risk

Question 23: Cross-team ___________ is one of the biggest challenges to networking and operations alliances.
A. skills gap
B. technical debt
Correct Answer: A. skills gap

Question 24: The goal of intent-based networking (IBN) is to reduce the complexity of creating, managing and enforcing network policies and reduce the manual labor associated with traditional _______________.
A. logistics management
B. configuration management
Correct Answer: B. configuration management

Question 25: What does descriptive analytics do?
A. create a summary of historical data.
B. create a summary of the frequency of individual values (or ranges of values for a variable.)
Correct Answer: A. create a summary of historical data.

Question 26: Which software would you use to visualize data analytics and make it more understandable?
A. Visual Studio
B. Tableau
Correct Answer: B. Tableau

Question 27: OLAP enables users to selectively extract and query data and analyze it from different points of view. What does OLAP stand for?
A. online analytical processing
B. ordered levels of probability
Correct Answer: A. online analytical processing

Question 28: Zeus, also known as Zbot, is a popular malware tookit that allows bad actors to build their own _________________.
A. virus signatures
B. Trojan horses
Correct Answer: B. Trojan horses

Question 29: What is a mantrap?
A. a command and control server that issues directives to infected devices.
B. a small room with two doors.
Correct Answer: B. a small room with two doors.

Question 30: What do you call the programming that’s embedded in the persistent memory of your computer keyboard?
A. software driver
B. firmware
Correct Answer: B. firmware