Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on November 30, 2020

Question 81: The ability to install multiple paths from the same routing protocol with the same path metric into the routing information base is known as ____.
A. Per-packet load balancing
B. Round-robin load balancing
C. Equal-cost multipathing
D. Parallel link forwarding
Correct Answer: C. Equal-cost multipathing

Question 82: Which static route should be used to avoid unintentional forwarding paths with an Ethernet link failure?
A. A directly attached static route
B. A recursive static route
C. A fully specified static route
D. A static null route
Correct Answer: C. A fully specified static route

Question 83: Virtual routing and forwarding is useful with ____ addresses.
A. Media access control, or MAC
B. IPv4
C. IPv6
D. IPv4 and IPv6
Correct Answer: D. IPv4 and IPv6