Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on November 30, 2020

Question 51: Which type of software development model places value on breaking a large application down into smaller chunks?
A. waterfall
B. iterativeCorrect Answer: B. iterative

Question 52: What framework used in Agile software development is named for a rugby formation?
A. Kanban
B. ScrumCorrect Answer: B. Scrum

Question 53: What type of Agile meeting is typically held at the end of each development cycle?
A. retrospective
B. planning pokerCorrect Answer: A. retrospective

Question 54: What hardware configuration does not support vRealize Suite 2019?
A. 64-bit x86 CPUs
B. Host machines with one core
C. Load AH from Flags (LAHF) and Save AH to Flags (SAHF) CPU instructions
D. 2 GB physical RAM
Correct Answer: B. Host machines with one core
Host machines with a single core cannot support vRealize Suite 2019. You must have a host machine with at least two cores to successfully install and deploy vRealize Suite 2019 products.

Question 55: True or false: VRealize Automation 8.0 does not provide cloud capabilities to SaaS or on-premises workloads.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B. False
VRealize Suite 2019 modernized the software architecture to help users employ vRealize Automation in SaaS or on-premises workloads. This enhances agility, efficiency and governance of data in the enterprise.

Question 56: Which of the following services were added to vRealize Automation during the 8.0 update?
A. Code Stream and Orchestrator
B. Orchestrator and Infrastructure Navigator
C. Cloud Assembly and Service Broker
D. None of the above
Correct Answer: C. Cloud Assembly and Service Broker
VMware added Cloud Assembly and Service Broker to its services. Cloud Assembly enables users to maintain infrastructure, create application blueprints and manage deployments. Service Broker helps users to provide blueprints and templates for cloud-agnostic resources, such as compute and storage, to their consumers through a catalog.

Question 57: Which vRealize Suite components did VMware integrate into vRealize Suite 2019?
A. VRealize Automation and vRealize Business for Cloud
B. VRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight
C. VRealize Automation and vRealize Operations
D. VRealize Log Insight and vRealize Infrastructure Navigator
Correct Answer: C. VRealize Automation and vRealize Operations
VMware integrated vRealize Automation 8.0 and vRealize Operations 8.0 into vRealize Suite 2019 to provide enhanced closed loop optimization that provides continuous performance, capacity and cost optimization. This enables users to simplify operations within their data centers and to lower overhead costs.

Question 58: Prior to version 8.0, what capability was not available in vRealize Operations Manager?
A. Performance
B. Troubleshooting Workbench
C. Capacity
D. Configuration
Correct Answer: B. Troubleshooting Workbench
VRealize Suite 2019 provides accelerated root cause analysis with the Troubleshooting Workbench tool, which uses machine learning technology to deliver evidence of potential root cause. It also gathers data around events and property changes to expedite the troubleshooting process.

Question 59: What is the only web browser vRealize Log Insight 8.0 does not support?
A. Mozilla Firefox 45.0
B. Google Chrome 51.0
C. Safari 9.1
D. Internet Explorer 10
Correct Answer: D. Internet Explorer 10
Following the 8.0 update, vRealize Log Insight supports Mozilla Firefox 45.0, Google Chrome 51.0, Safari 9.1 and Internet Explorer 11. Any prior version is no longer supported.

Question 60: Which license makes vRealize Orchestrator Git integration available?
A. VMware Cloud on AWS
B. VSphere
C. VRealize Automation
D. Hyper-V
Correct Answer: C. VRealize Automation
VRealize Orchestrator 8.0 only supports vRealize Automation as the appropriate license, which makes it a necessary purchase for Git integration.