Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on November 30, 2020

Question 41: OCM is a framework for managing the effect of cultural changes within an enterprise. What does OCM stand for?
Correct Answer: organizational change management

Question 42: What type of corporate training seeks to improve interactions among people of different cultures, genders, sexual orientations and ages?
A. diversity
B. contextual collaborationCorrect Answer: A. diversity

Question 43: What type of job candidate is not actively looking for a job?
A. inactive candidate
B. passive candidateCorrect Answer: passive candidate

Question 44: Which management theory addresses HR issues like employee burnout?
A. weak tie theory
B. broken window theoryCorrect Answer: B. broken window theory

Question 45: _____________ is a metric for evaluating the emotional connection an employee has with their job.
A. Plutchik’s wheel of emotions
B. EngagementCorrect Answer: B. Engagement

Question 46: An NCA is a legally binding covenant that can restrict a departing employee from starting a similar business. What does NCA stand for?
Correct Answer: Non-compete agreement

Question 47: Social __________ can help recruiters find candidates who are not actively looking for jobs but who might consider the “right” opportunity.
A. sourcing
B. engineeringCorrect Answer: A. sourcing

Question 48: What are some of the key privacy concerns around the use of big data?
Correct Answer: There are a few concerns for privacy when it comes to big data: customer protection, regulation compliance and usability. Ultimately, a good privacy policy for big data provides the maximum protection for your customers, it’s compliant with the regulations that the product is subject to (like HIPAA, GDPR, etc.) and provides an incredibly useful product as well by leveraging the data in a responsible way. To achieve all three is at times incredibly difficult, but is usually possible if thought about in the right way. There exist techniques like anonymization and privacy-enhancing technologies that allow products to achieve all three goals easier than before. It’s incredibly important that privacy is thought of upfront, like security, when designing your big data systems, as it can be incredibly expensive to add later.

Question 49: _____________ is a metric that predicts how much work an Agile software development team can successfully complete within a pre-determined amount of time.
A. Cycle time
B. VelocityCorrect Answer: B. Velocity

Question 50: In agile software development, a ____________ is a defined period of time during which a task must be accomplished.
A. timebox
B. sub-releaseCorrect Answer: A. timebox