Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on November 30, 2020

Question 21: _________________ deployments require two identical hardware environments that are configured exactly the same way.
A. Blue/green
B. Evil twinCorrect Answer: A. Blue/green

Question 22: Which strategy allows any code commit that has passed an automated testing phase to be automatically released into the production environment?
A. continuous delivery
B. continuous deployment
C. continuous integrationCorrect Answer: B. continuous deployment

Question 23: Azure AD supports ____________ so end users don’t have to enter passwords multiple times to access cloud applications.
A. conditional access
B. single sign-onCorrect Answer: B. single sign-on

Question 24: Microsoft’s digital assistant ________________ was originally developed for Windows Phone 8.1 and is included in Windows 10.
A. Opus
B. CortanaCorrect Answer: B. Cortana

Question 25: Which word means “to make something available?”
A. provisioning
B. chainingCorrect Answer: A. provisioning

Question 26: Configuration _________ is caused by inconsistent configuration items across computers or devices.
A. drift
B. wait stateCorrect Answer: A. drift

Question 27: _______________ imaging is a software-driven data backup process that copies the entire contents of a computer hard disk into a single compressed file or set of files.
A. Array
B. GhostCorrect Answer: B. Ghost

Question 28: _____________ is a backup operational mode in which the functions of a primary system component are assumed by a secondary component if the primary component becomes unavailable.
A. converged secondary storage
B. failoverCorrect Answer: B. failover

Question 29: Which deployment model allows an application to run locally but access public cloud resources when necessary?
A. cloud bursting
B. conditional accessCorrect Answer: A. cloud bursting

Question 30: What type of cloud computing relies on orchestration to coordinate the use of on-premises and cloud services?
A. private cloud
B. hybrid cloudCorrect Answer: B. hybrid cloud