Common Technical Interview Questions and Answers Update on November 30, 2020

Question 1: NetOps centers around two common themes: virtualization and ___________.
A. automation
B. cloud migrationCorrect Answer: A. automation

Question 2: The NetOps and __________ concepts both have a strong focus on automation, which acts as a bridge between the two approaches.
A. DevOps
B. .NetCorrect Answer: A. DevOps

Question 3: NetOps adoption requires networking teams to learn to embrace change and manage _________ rather than avoid it.
A. XaaS (anything as a service)
B. operational riskCorrect Answer: B. operational risk

Question 4: Cross-team ___________ is one of the biggest challenges to networking and operations alliances.
A. skills gap
B. technical debtCorrect Answer: A. skills gap

Question 5: To ensure agility with security, NetSecOps engineers will often pursue a/an ___________________ approach to all of networking.
A. infrastructure as code
B. segregation of dutiesCorrect Answer: A. infrastructure as code

Question 6: The goal of intent-based networking (IBN) is to reduce the complexity of creating, managing and enforcing network policies and reduce the manual labor associated with traditional _______________.
A. logistics management
B. configuration managementCorrect Answer: B. configuration management

Question 7: An agribusiness is an LOB that focuses on the processing, warehousing, distribution, marketing and retailing of products used in farming. What does LOB stand for?
Correct Answer: Line of business

Question 8: What do you call an autonomous robot used in farming?
Correct Answer: agbot

Question 9: Farms in many areas of the country are underserved by traditional internet providers. That’s one reason why there’s been so much interest in Elon Musk’s initiative to provide connectivity through _________ satellites.
B. geostationary satellitesCorrect Answer: A. LEO

Question 10: What do you call the breeding, raising and harvesting of aquatic animals and plants in controlled water environments?
A. aquaculture
B. vertical farmingCorrect Answer: A. aquaculture

Question 11: Sensors in UAVs can help farmers accurately target irrigation, weed control and crop management. Which word is a synonym for UAV?
A. photonic gun
B. droneCorrect Answer: B. drone

Question 12: What branch of engineering deals with the design and manufacture of extremely small electronic circuits and mechanical devices built at the molecular level of matter?
A. nanotechnology
B. gigatechnologyCorrect Answer: A. nanotechnology

Question 13: Which theory seeks to explain the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level?
A. quantum theory
B. macroscopic theoryCorrect Answer: A. quantum theory

Question 14: What do you call the ability of a quantum system to be in multiple states at the same time?
A. superposition
B. entanglementCorrect Answer: A. superposition

Question 15: Google claimed quantum _________ after its quantum computer performed a calculation in 200 seconds that would have taken the world’s most powerful classical computer 10,000 years.
A. sovereignty
B. supremacyCorrect Answer: B. supremacy

Question 16: Amazon __________ is a quantum development environment named after a notation system used in quantum mechanics.
A. Braket
B. UMLCorrect Answer: A. Braket

Question 17: Azure Quantum is a full-stack cloud service that provides customers with ____________ to quantum computers.
A. remote access
B. mechatronic accessCorrect Answer: A. remote access

Question 18: Canary tests are similar to ________ tests, except canaries don’t require the user to opt in.
A. alpha
B. betaCorrect Answer: B. beta

Question 19: Which type of QA testing does NOT take place in a pre-production environment?
A. shift-left testing
B. shift-right testingCorrect Answer: B. shift-right testing

Question 20: Which type of test would you use to evaluate the quality of a software testing suite?
A. mutation testing
B. smoke testingCorrect Answer: A. mutation testing