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Gaining the Edge on Collaborative Robotics (Cobots) Knowledge

Deploying versatile collaborative robots or cobots in production processes is an easy way to automate dirty, dull or dangerous tasks. Sounds too easy?

Gaining the Edge on Collaborative Robotics (Cobots) Knowledge

Gaining the Edge on Collaborative Robotics (Cobots) Knowledge

Read more on how you benefit from cobots:

  • Versatile and ready to go right now: Cobots are quick and easy to commission in-house for simple tasks without any expertise in robotics or programming. For more complex applications, we have a comprehensive network of Certified Systems Integrators and Authorized Training Centers that will help you get started so you can handle the day-to-day operations after the initial install.
  • Lower costs increased productivity: Cobots pay off quickly – between six and twelve months is the average ROI.
  • High precision, high quality: Cobots can run 24/7 while still delivering repeatability within tolerances of ±0.03 mm (30 Micron).
  • Simply safe: Cobots work right next to your employees on physically demanding, dangerous activities without the need for protective caging after risk assessment

Working together with tomorrow, today. Read on this article and find out more about how you can rise to the challenges of your industry using human-robot collaboration.

Table of contents

Collaborative Automation Entering Every Industry
Benefits of Using Cobots
Human-Robot Collaborative Can Happen Anywhere

Collaborative Automation Entering Every Industry

Constant industrial and technological progress has made the metalworking and machining industry highly competitive. The new challenge is to increase productivity without compromising on quality. The field of collaborative robotics provides one of the most promising avenues in meeting this challenge.

Benefits of Using Cobots

Collaborative robots or cobots provide highly attractive automation opportunities for a wide range of applications and production facilities.

Implementation Time And Programming

Cobots from Universal Robots excel in simple, intuitive operation. Robotic arms are quick and easy to set up in-house for new requirements. It takes half a day on average to install and configure a robotic arm to take on a new task.

Increased Productivity and Cost-Effectiveness

Collaborative robots cut production costs and increase productivity, even in processes that aren’t suitable for traditional industrial automation. Cobots are easy to reprogram and redeploy for different tasks without changing production layouts. This flexibility helps deliver fast ROI, with cobots paying for themselves within six to twelve months.

Precision and Quality

Cobots have high levels of repeatability, with accuracy to ±0.03 mm, even in 24/7 operation. This ensures shorter cycle times and reduced raw material waste. Beyond production tasks, robotic arms equipped with a camera system can perform quality control tasks such as 3D measurement and testing. Identifying faulty parts before further processing also cuts waste.

Efficiency and Workforce Optimization

Collaborative robots relieve employees from monotonous, time-consuming tasks, giving them more time to focus on activities with higher added value. While human workers perform tasks ideal for their skills, cobots can perform physically demanding and dangerous activities, protecting workers from health risks due to poor ergonomics, repetitive stress, or injury from heavy or sharp workpieces.

Safety and Collaboration

Cobots are equipped with certified safety systems for immediate shutdown in the event of collision or obstruction. That means they can work beside employees without the need for safety guarding after risk assessment.

Human-Robot Collaborative Can Happen Anywhere

Cobots are suitable for any manufacturing industry as they are ideal for automating a wide range of processes. They also handle complex and challenging tasks with ease, such as:


Collaborative robots boost process accuracy and cut down on waste in automated pick-and-place processes, which can continue in lights-out operation. The lightweight design and small footprint mean that the robotic arms are suitable for operation and retooling for various processes in constricted spaces.

Palletizing and Packaging

Cobots ensure that deliveries are always put together safely and reliably and packaged in compliance with applicable regulations.

Lab Analysis and Testing

Cobots are ideal for automating complex and challenging research projects that require flexible and efficient use of premises as well as a seamless integration with lab peripherals.


Integrated force control in cobots ensures consistent polishing and buffing, even on uneven surfaces.


Cobots ensure precise screwing by maintaining ideal torque levels while tightening in procedures with consistent repeatability.

Quality Control

Automated quality control ensures consistent production and maximizes product quality.


Automating CNC machine tending is fast and efficient, with quick reprogramming on robotic arms were needed, as well as the ability to mount different end effectors and image-processing systems.

Glueing, Dosing and Welding

Cobot arms have the precision needed to increase efficiency in glueing and welding while reducing surplus material and relieving employees from this hazardous activity.


Cobots increase production rates and process quality while assembling parts made of plastic, metal or other materials.

Injection Moulding

Collaborative robots enable rapid and accurate injection mould processing for prototyping and production in small batches.

Source: Universal Robots

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