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Cloudwatt Integrated OpenContrail SDN Solution into Cloud Orchestration System

Cloudwatt has become one of the first European service providers to implement a software-defined networking (SDN) system in support of a major public cloud deployment. OpenContrail – an open source project initiated by the network supplier in autumn 2013 – to improve network operation efficiency and safeguard data sovereignty and security for its public cloud, which went live at the end of June 2014. [ad] Cloudwatt was seeking a production-ready SDN solution to integrate into its existing network, guaranteeing transparency when it came to regulatory compliance, and reassurance for enterprise customers that their data would be protected in the cloud.

The OpenContrail solution is simple yet powerful, reflecting the strong cloud and networking genes of the founding engineers at Juniper Networks and the open source community at large. The choice of an open source SDN solution was essential for us from a sovereignty perspective,

said Cloudwatt president and CEO Didier Renard.

By integrating OpenContrail with our choice of cloud management platform, OpenStack, we can greatly simplify our cloud network design and operations, seamlessly connect virtual and physical environments and scale out our cloud without compromising security and privacy. Ultimately, OpenContrail makes it possible for us to enhance sovereignty, contain network operation cost and to provide competitive pricing to our customers,

explained Renard. Source: Cloudwatt deploys SDN to orchestrate public cloud service

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