Cloud Computing Growth

Total size of cloud computing industry to be $150 Billion in 2014 as compared to $46 Billion in 2008. The current spending for global public IT services in 2012 was more than $40 billion, but with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 26.4 percent for the period of 2012-2016, it is expected to reach the $100 billion milestone in 2016.

By 2014, IT organizations in 30% of Global 1000 companies will broker (aggregate, integrate and customize) two or more cloud services for internal and external users, up from 5% today. By 2014, 60% of server workload will be virtualized.

– Of all the Cloud Computing revenues, nearly 50% will come from the US alone.
– The overall Cloud Computing growth rate is 5 times more than the overall IT growth rate globally.
– As of 2013, nearly 40% of the CRM systems sold globally are Cloud based.

Cloud Segments Growth Rates
Cloud Infrastructure (Hardware):
– IaaS hava an overall CAGR of 41.7% (2001-2016)
– Cloud Computing has a CAGR of 43.2% (2001-2016)
– Cloud Storage has a CAGR of 36.6% (2001-2016)
Cloud Software:
– SaaS has an overall CAGR of 17.4% (2012-2016)
– SaaS Office SUites have a CAGR of 41.7% (2012-2016)
– SaaS based Digital Content Creation has a CAGR of 32.2% (2012-2016)