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CISA Releases Protective DNS Resolver Shared Service

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has made its Protective Domain Name System available to all federal civilian agencies through CISA’s Cybersecurity Shared Services Office. In a blog post, CISA writes, “Protective DNS shields federal users and organizations from reaching known or suspected malicious destinations with a cutting-edge capability that safeguards network connections. It also empowers FCEB agencies with better visibility into their own internet traffic, providing real-time logs, reports and other insights into an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.”


  • Having a service which black-holes known bad DNS entries helps reduce the success of attacks and reach ability of C2 services, akin to Einstein. As with any such service, you should monitor for interruption of legitimate traffic and understand how to both add services which are banned and/or how to revert to your existing configuration.


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