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CISA Publishes Cybersecurity Toolkit for K-12 Schools

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released a report and a toolkit to help K-12 schools better protect their systems from cybersecurity threats. The report makes three recommendations: investing in most impactful security measures and building toward a mature cybersecurity plan; recognizing and actively address resource constraints; and focusing on collaboration and information sharing. The toolkit includes suggested actions and resources to help schools adopt the recommendations.


  • The recommendations include guides, fact sheets, and organizations you can partner with to help get your arms around securing your school IT. Beyond the recommendations the CISA toolkit includes links to free resources and training to help our educators succeed without being entirely dependent on obtaining funding. Even if you’re not in the K-12 space, there are good references here you may want to leverage in your own environment.
  • The three recommendations are sort of a motherhood and apple pie generic statement. Sure, you want to leverage security investments. Sure, you want cybersecurity buy-in at the top as a priority. Sure, we’re all in this together and you should leverage your community. In one respect the needs of the K-12 community are no different from every other industry vertical; a need to focus on basic cyber hygiene. This becomes important as the K-12 community is increasingly targeted by ransomware gangs.


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