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Chrome 106 patch out

Updated on 2022-09-29: Chrome drops OCSP

Starting Chrome v106, released earlier this week, Chrome has stopped doing Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) revocation checks for Extended Validation (EV) certificates, providing an immediate performance improvement for any sites still using an EV certification. Read more: No More EV Certificate Overhead in Chrome 106

Updated on 2022-09-28

Google released Chrome 106 to the stable channel with patches for 20 vulnerabilities. Five bugs were rated high severity, eight as medium severity, and three as low severity and nearly half of these were use-after-free bugs. High severity use-after-free flaws concern browser components CSS, Survey, and Media. Three medium severity use-after-free flaws impact other Chrome components, namely Assistant, Import, and Logging. Read more: Chrome 106 Patches High-Severity Vulnerabilities


A new version of the Google Chrome browser is out, including 20 security fixes. Read more: Stable Channel Update for Desktop

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