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China Petroleum Deployed Microsoft Private Cloud

China Petroleum over 60 OA system, the three larger systems were 400,000, 150,000 and 120,000 subscribers. By deploying Microsoft private cloud, China Petroleum OA system allows physical servers to one fifth of the original amount of abatement, saving millions of dollars in investment in disaster recovery, saving investment VDI projects more than 40 percent, saving up to 60% storage investments. China Petroleum office management system needs to respond to user demand for office over a million different business areas. Through the deployment of Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012, China Petroleum office management system was successfully constructed private cloud, to achieve a resource pool and self-service portal, flexible storage and disaster recovery, based on a flexible billing amount, so the number of physical servers reduction to one fifth of the original, saving millions of dollars of investment disaster, saving investment VDI projects more than 40 percent, saving up to 60% storage investments.

“China Oil office management system currently has more than 60 subsystems for business managers at all levels and more than one million customer service.”

Dr. China Petroleum office management system responsible person in an interview with ZDNet interview, Ping said,

“in the deployment of private cloud ago, we encountered a number of challenges: First, we have more than 60 office systems, three of which were larger systems 400 000, 150 000 and 120 000 users, the business volume of these systems in different months have their own crest and troughs, such as 120,000 users of the system within 20 days in December of the volume of business accounted for one-third of the year, the amount of ordinary month concurrent users on average 50 to 100, but in December of concurrent users can be more than 2000. second challenge is we have to ensure business continuity, office system uses a ‘one Lord, two standby’ way – do city disaster in Beijing, Jilin done off-site disaster recovery, but it caused a lot of traditional disaster recovery methods the machine is idle. Third, China petroleum incremental monthly data up to 5TB, ‘a master of two backup’ storage costs also rose rapidly. Moreover, the oil business in China over the country, involving many of the customs of the business, we need leadership provides a convenient remote office systems, deployed in support of multi-terminal while improving resource utilization and response times. ”

A Microsoft executive recalled that a few years ago, he received a phone Sinofsky, Sinofsky asked a medium-sized budget. This unavoidably management reminiscent of Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill & middot; Gates’ leadership. In the 1990s, served as technical assistant Sinofsky Gates. His job is to collect technical journals, academic research, and competitive industry news, in order to allow Gates to understand the potential threats and opportunities. Sinofsky is considered to be the first one to remind people of the importance of the Internet Gates. And Bill Gates, Sinofsky technology has a profound grasp. Colleagues said he often will respond to an e-mail on multiple screens, depth technical issues. So, this is how controversial figure in the rise of Microsoft? He has established the Office of R & D tracking system, his organization to make Microsoft executives will he transferred to the Windows division, cleaning the mess Vista, 2009, when Windows 7 to market, the system not only released on time, won a reputation, but also for Microsoft to restore its reputation. In Microsoft, Sinofsky in charge for his two main profit sector established a reputation. When Windows division revenues reached $ 12.2 billion, the soul of the products, technical innovation doubt seem not so important. When it comes to existing product design, quality control often took precedence over innovation. These successes increased Sinofsky power in Microsoft’s. He is considered to be an outstanding manager of Microsoft rare, can be competent in any company large team management figures. A former Microsoft executive, said: Microsoft needs him. Now there are rumors that Sinofsky and Ballmer discord, arguing Microsoft is not uncommon, especially in the product development process. With the launch of Windows 8, sources said Sinofsky will replace Ballmer became Microsoft’s CEO. Zeng Ping said,

“server-centric IT infrastructure is vulnerable to low resource utilization, long construction period, the high purchase and maintenance costs, offsite disaster recovery program complexity, technical support and deployment pressure, difficult to share resources, such as multiple problems. for this reason, we decided to optimize the IT infrastructure and developed to achieve service-centric private cloud infrastructure objectives. ”


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