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Chile’s ALMA Observatory Suspends Operations Due to Cyberattack

Updated on 2022-11-02: Chile’s ALMA Observatory Suspends Operations Due to Cyberattack

Chile’s Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) Observatory has suspended all astronomical observation operations and taken down its website following a cyberattack over the weekend. The observatory says that the attack did not affect antennas or any scientific data, and that they are “still working hard on the full recovery of services.”


  • This breach shows that no organization is immune to cyberattack. What’s strange is the wording that the observatory’s antennas and scientific data were not affected. Ok, but then what was the purpose of the attack? Ransomware, evidently not. Control of the operational technology, no. There will be more to this story.



The ALMA Observatory in Chile was forced to take down its website and halt all astronomical operations due to a cyberattack. However, no signs of data exfiltration were observed. Read more: ALMA Observatory shuts down operations due to a cyberattack

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