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CES 2017: Sony announced Chromecast Ready Soundbar and Subwoofer

Sony’s press conference announced new product in compact home audio series: Chromecast Ready Soundbar (HT-MT500 and HT-MT300) and Subwoofer Combo (HT-CT290, HT-CT800 and HT-ST5000) during CES 2017.

HT-MT500, compact soundbar comes with pre-configured for easy use with Google Cast, as well as Spotify Connect and bundled in with wireless subwoofer. HT-MT500 model also includes Music Service button for fast access to whatever the last song you listened to on Spotify Premium.

HT-MT300, compact soundbar comes without ChromeCast compatibility but can still receive audio streamed over Bluetooth and NFC.

Both HT-MT500 and HT-MT300:

  • Available in cremewhite and charcoal black color options.
  • Have tactile finish with matte grille on the front and leather ‘look’ on the surface.
  • Feature a Sofa Mode for feeling the ‘low frequency effects’ if the subwoofer is put beneath a couch.
  • S-Force PRO Front Surround
  • MT300 will be priced at about 300 Euros and the MT500 at about 500 Euros when launch in the near future.

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HT-CT290, separate wireless subwoofer with slim, mountable design, wireless Bluetooth connectivity and simulated surround sound with 300 watts of power, also offer simulated surround sound ideal a home theatre environment.

HT-CT800, which incorporates Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio technology.

HT-ST5000, packing support for Dolby Atmos, high-resolution audio and Google Home supported meaning users can use the Google Assistant to control the audio experience. HT-ST5000 comes with three HDMI ports, one HDMI ARC connection, a USB jack and Bluetooth connectivity as well as digital optical and analog options.

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Source: Sony Press Center: Sony introduces the Compact Sound Bar that stylishly matches your living room

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