CES 2017: Samsung introduced FlexWash + FlexDry laundry system

Samsung announced FlexWash™ + FlexDry™ laundry system, designed to offer two washers and two dryers in one system incorporating range of core Samsung laundry technologies, provide more efficient and more effective way to sort on the fly and tackle the laundry process by operate all four compartments separately and simultaneously to wash clothes faster while still keeping items separate.


FlexWash is one unit which the main 5-cubic-foot front-loader unit (handle normal or bulky loads) and the supplemental 1-cubic-foot top-loader unit (wash smaller loads separately from the main load) are integrated into the same appliance body. Does not require two separate water lines, has an internal separator that sends the front-load water one direction and the top-load water another direction.

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Top-load areas on each washer and dryer unit allow consumers to load or unload laundry. And transparent glass on the top-load compartments makes it simple to check on laundry cycles at a glance.

FlexWash™ washer uses three core Samsung laundry technologies: SuperSpeed, PowerFoam, and Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT).

  • SuperSpeed: shortens wash cycles to as little as 30 minutes from usual 60 minutes.
  • PowerFoam: technology uses innovative mixture of water, air and detergent to deep clean event the bulkiest items with the power of foam.
  • Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT): engineered to minimize vibration and keep the noise level down.


FlexDry is the two-in-one dryer unit able to dry two loads at one time and allows for different types of fabrics to get custom care. The main dryer with MultiSteam technology would likely continue to handle normal loads, as it has a tumble-dry function. The smaller dryer would take on delicate items via a drying-rack-style design and customizable temperature zones ranging from room temperature to 95 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the type of fabric being dried.

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Everyone has different clothes and different ways of caring for them, Finally, FlexWash™ + FlexDry™ is a laundry system that fits any need, all at once. We are striving to give consumers the freedom and flexibility to adjust the laundry process for the way they live, not the other way around.

said Seo Byung-Sam, President of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics

FlexWash™ + FlexDry™ are IoT-enabled backed by smart features that allow users to control (start, stop, and monitor every cycle) with smartphones using Samsung Smart Home app for Android or iPhone.

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Source: Samsung Newsroom: Samsung Unveils Laundry Game-Changer at CES 2017 with New Four-in-One Laundry System

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